Were rumors spread about the “TWG firings” through the church pulpit? Were TWG employees told they are not allowed to see True Father?

Question: Were false rumors distributed to our membership about the TWG case? Were TWG employees told that they are not allowed to see True Father?

Short answer: Yes, many false rumors were distributed–including through the public pulpit. And, no, managers were not told that they can’t see True Father.

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Long answer: Yes, the pulpit was (mis)used for the purpose of vilifying HJN based on false rumors.

Here’s one member’s account:

Like I mentioned in another post that I am fine with a good sermon (most of us are) where the word of God can be shared and His spirit can be experienced. But I do not think it is appropriate to use that time for politics or accusing or attacking another however subtle it may be and that is what I have seen happen more than once with IJN. When she does that it ruins the good part of her message and makes many to not trust her or want to support her. The part that you left out was the TWG topic that IJN brought up at the end of her sermon. To begin with IJN did not have her facts straight, Father did not call the managers to LV, someone else did. Please if you talk with her let know this as well as the fact that TWG is NOT in turmoil. I work at the TWG HQ’s building, I know most everyone that works at HQ’s and they are just fine. There may be some that did not want the leadership changes that have taken place, but from what I have seen and heard, most are just fine with the changes. What do you think TWG employees think when they hear this kind of message, knowing that her information is not accurate, and how does that effect them and their children? Perhaps she is getting wrong information from someone; at least I hope she is not intentional spinning things to create a greater division between HJN and members. I honestly wonder if that is the case, but maybe I am dumb to do this, I still try to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the main point is this: Just stick with the good message and leave the rest of it at the door.

Here’s another explanation of the account:

1) My understanding is that HJN never said don’t go see Father. It was just that leaving on a Thursday and skipping work on Friday without any mention of it is not standard practice and it had to be mentioned. This was interpreted as HJN not allowing people to go see Father and creating a hostile work environment.

2) Father never called the TWG managers to come. The story being told is that Father asked Mr. Furuta to gather the managers of TWG because Father wanted to see them. But when they got there Father didn’t even know they were there until he was told about it. Furthermore, when Mr. Furuta began reporting and mentioned about the bad things “UCI” was doing, Father told him he didn’t want to hear it. Basically Father didn’t call them to go. [Furthermore, Mr. Furuta wasn’t working for TWG any longer when he summoned all the TWG managers.]

1+2) It’s a misportrayal or a distortion of facts to say that Father called the TWG managers to go and that HJN isn’t allowing people to go see Father. If HJN had told people they can’t go see Father then most likely they would have all quit on the spot. I know I would have.

And a final post that combines this question with the previous question about the TWG situation:

I was at TWG office when all of that happened and what you shared is true.

I was there when all the managers came to the HQ’s office right after visiting Las Vegas (LV). They first had a group meeting with many of the managers and after that for two days straight they had one on one meetings with each manager where they listened to their concerns as well as making it clear what the company policies are so in the future there will be no confusion. Most of these managers I believe where just following the direction of the President, to go to LV believing Father had called them there and as M explained that was not the case. The President of TWG was acting under the direction of Mr. Furuta who for months had no position at all in TWG. Mr. Furuta should not have been meddling in the TWG affairs at all. The President of TWG also never checked with his superiors before deciding to give the direction to the 100 managers to take off during the middle of the week at the company expense. When his superiors finally got wind of what was going on they asked him to change that direction and when he refused to do so he was let go.

HJN has never told anyone to stop going to church or to abandon their faith or to abandon their religious practice. He is first and foremost encouraging that, at least whenever I am around him that is the case. I do know that he wants to expand the TWG business and to do so he would like the opportunity to bring in outside professionals at HQ’s and beyond. For years there has been a morning service and Pledge for about one hour each morning at HQ’s. When you bring in professionals that may have another faith background you could get into trouble legally by conducting these practices. Anyway I am quite sure all of these wonderful TWG members are mature enough to conduct their spiritual life at home prior to coming to work. If they want to go visit Father and if they make a plan to do so ahead of time through their supervisor then I am sure that would be supported 100%. Most employees get 2 weeks vacation as well as personal day, just like any other company.

I have no problem with IJN giving a good sermon but I see no value in using the podium on Sunday in the way she ended her sermon this time or ever.I am not sure who is giving her the information regarding TWG but her information is not correct and it only leads to further division and mistrust, at least with a lot of folks. I come to church to be uplifted by the truth and the spirit of God not to hear someone attack another however subtle it may be. I want so much want to trust IJN and I do wish and hope she will help our young and up and coming youth and that she can help breathe new life into this UC. I heard HJN say the same in the past. If we can just focus on giving our best heart and effort and back off the anti HJN or anti Kwak or anti whatever I think we could build something pretty good for God and True Parents and for all of the world. Is it really all that hard to do?

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