Was Phyllis Kim and Joshua Cotter’s tour approved by True Father?

Joshua Cotter
Joshua Cotter
Joshua Cotter
Joshua Cotter

Question: In early 2010 there was a tour done by Peter Kim’s wife (Phyllis Kim) and Joshua Cotter with negative content about Hyun Jin Nim. Was this tour approved by True Father?

Short answer: No. The tour was not approved by True Father and there is strong evidence of it.

Long answer:

The truth about the Phyllis Kim and Joshua Cotter Tour: Not True Father’s direction

The context of the situation at the time is that there was an attempt by a few leaders to “bridge the gap” between True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim. But there were other forces (including IJN, H2, KJN, PK) who saw this bridging of the gap as a threat and tried to undermine any leader who attempted such a feat.

In 2010, Phyllis Kim and Joshua Cotter were using True Father’s name to do a tour in America to attack Hyun Jin Nim. When one of the people working with Hyun Jin Nim heard about the tour and its justification based on True Father, he wrote an email to a certain top Korean leader who was directly attending True Parents in Las Vegas. This is their email correspondence. The Korean leader who wrote this was later demoted and removed from his position (after having sent out this email that revealed the truth to other leaders).

Email from person working with Hyun Jin Nim:

“The content I am showing you is what is being told to regular members and it is the content that Joshua Cotter is presenting. They are claiming that True Father instructed In Jin Nim to do a lecture tour to explain to the members how Hyun Jin Nim is not uniting with True Father. Did True Father give this instruction? It looks like it will not finish with New York and New Jersey. It looks like they will continue doing this tour in other cities. They are trying to generate an environment so that Hyun Jin Nim can’t even show his face to members in America. Although, I don’t believe that True Father would instruct to go ahead with this tour that is replete with incorrect information, misunderstandings and misleading statements, but since the church leaders are saying that [True Father instructed] to give this content, what are we supposed to do about this situation?”

The Korean leader who was with True Father immediately replied with the following email:

“Over here [some leaders] are also very angry over what Peter Kim’s wife and Cotter are doing. I intend to go and speak directly in person to In Jin Nim. I’m taking a plane to New York tonight. True Father does not consider In Jin Nim to be in charge of America at all. Soon there will have to be some measures taken. True Father also is instructing that all Sunday services be centered on True Father’s words only, and he has ordered not to use In Jin Nim’s videos.True Parents did not give any instruction [about the tour].”

Following this email correspondence, the Korean leader would have met with In Jin Nim to convey True Father’s instructions to her [about the tour and In Jin Nim’s Sunday service videos]. However, even after being told, In Jin Nim ignores True Father’s directions and forcefully continued with her video sermons and continued her activities of attacking Hyun Jin Nim.

Would this have been possible with only In Jin Nim’s authority? Or did she have the support of someone else in the organization that enabled her to continue doing what she was doing without listening to True Father?

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