Introductory Video of speech by Mrs. Sakurai

Excerpts from Mrs. Sakurai’s “Confession of Faith” given on May 25, 2017.

She calls on Blessed Families to turn to repentance and prayer to rediscover their responsibility in healing the current confusion.

This video is only for the part of the 1 hour 15 minute speech. From the link¬†, you can register to the mail magazine, then, you will see the full video of Mrs.Sakurai’s speech. The full speech is in Japanese.

Brief biography of Mrs. Setsuko Sakurai

  • ¬†Wife of the 5th president of Japanese Unification Church, Mr. Setsuo Sakurai (2011.11.20 Ascension)
  • 1938.7.13: Born as the youngest child of five siblings in the fourth-generation Christian family
  • 1960.9: Joined Unification Church in her second year of college
  • 1960-1963: Pioneering witnessing
  • 1963~: Divine Principle lecturer, Director of itinerary workers and director of family department at Japanese UC-HQ
  • 1969.5: 43 Couples (Matching 12 Couples) Blessing, First Japanese Blessing
  • 1996~: Moved to Turkey as the National Messiah of Turkey. After returning home, working as a lecturer in various fields such as life of faith, family life, etc.

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