Truth about H1, Introduction

masami sakuraiBackground: Recently, a Japanese second generation brother, Masami Sakurai, published a small booklet entitled “The Truth I Know about Hyun Jin Nim” in which he shares his own honest views about the current situation of our movement. He says in his booklet that he is solely responsible for the entire contents. He has given permission for the content to be shared with the public. Below is the “Introduction” from the booklet:

*note: this is unofficial translation of the content from his booklet which was written in Japanese.



Many people may still believe that Hyun Jin Nim (hereafter “H1”) stole public assets, left True Parents’ side, and did whatever he liked to do. H1 has been branded as “an unfilial son”, “betrayer” or “fallen Adam”, and his remarkable achievements in the peace movement have been branded as “Cain’s offering”, or “something which has nothing to do with the Providence”.

Brothers and sisters who have been working in the organizations under H1’s leadership are also branded as the “Kwak group” and treated as heretics. However, if H1 is really the person which the church side has been describing, then many of his supporters would have left H1 right away, a long time ago.

Back then, although I felt furious indignation against the words and deeds of the unrighteous leaders against H1, I could not agree with H1 when he left True Parents, based on my insistence in keeping the idea that “the center of the providence is True Parents”. Therefore, even though I was working in an NPO which H1 founded, I was working based on the belief that H1 should return to True Parents’ side.

What happened to me then? I kept a neutral position without being able to support H1 100%. Why did I suddenly change my stance and start supporting H1 wholeheartedly? In this document, I’d like to briefly summarize “What I believe to be the truth about H1”, which truth I sought for and finally confirmed after seven years of struggle, and which I’d like to convey to our brothers and sisters with all my conviction. The contents include many posts which I originally posted on my personal blog “As a true son/daughter living together with God”.


The content of this booklet is solely my own personal view and I am responsible for all of the contents. I wish I could write everything with clear supporting proof that can be easily confirmed as factual. However, it is impossible to do that. It could be done only if someone had been recording all of the events as they actually took place.

I hope you can make your own decision, not only based on the explanation from the church leadership but also by listening to the “claims from H1’s side”.

I am hoping that you can realize there have been so many occasions in which “white” has been switched with “black” and you may have been made to accept “black” things as “white” ones. I hope this booklet can serve as a guide to helping our brothers and sisters, who have been anguished over the division within the True Family, to find the light of truth for which they have been searching. I also hope that this booklet can open the door for an opportunity to work together for God’s providence with clear hope once again.

Masami Sakurai

July 21, 2015


About the author: Masami was active in the Japanese bloggers’ community with his blog “1000 signature movement”, taking a neutral position and appealing for reconciliation among the True Family and in the UC community through ending the lawsuits.  After having met H1, however, he was convinced that God is with H1, and he changed the blog title to “As a true son/daughter living together with God”, eventually starting to write using his own name since May, 2015. Currently he serves as an educational staff member at “BFA Japan”-an organization of the Blessed Families who support H1. He is also active in Rise for Truth (RFT), established by the 2nd Generation members who support H1. Masami is the second son of the late Rev. Setsuo Sakurai (5th President of HSA-Japan) and Mrs. Setsuko Sakurai (DP lecturer).


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 H1’s Heart toward the Blessed Families
1.         H1 never forgets the church family members2.         How does H1 think about the Blessed Families?

3.         H1 believed in the Blessed Families and still continues to believe in them

4.         H1’s sense of responsibility

5.         Close the doors of self-pity & arrogance; receive with humility & gratitude

6.         H1 is strict but his heart is warm

7.         “I know the suffering of the Japanese 1st gens. I want to save them.”

Chapter 2 H1 protected God’s providence
1.         It is not really a problem between True Parents and H12.         Why did some leaders try to kick out H1?

3.         True Father tried to believe, even if it was a lie.

4.         True Father had to love Cain first before loving Abel.

5.         Political culture rampant among unrighteous leaders

6.         H1 could not deny himself? he risked his life to advance the providence

7.         “Absolutely obey True Parents’ direction” — this is wrong.

8.         True Father took all the responsibility for the failures due to false reports

9.         Concept of faith in the indemnity period blinded members’ ability to identify the truth!

10.     The situation was not such that True Father was able to control it

11.     KJN and H2 ignored Father’s words to “Unite” at 3 different times

12.     Satan speaks in half-truths.

13.     Considering the providence as the first priority, H1 cannot go back to the church

14.     The standard of the unity with True Parents

15.     Please realize that H1 did not steal UCI but rather he protected it.

16.     We must come off from the spell cast upon the Blessed Families

Chapter 3 The truth about the incidents
1.          The truth about the WTA incident

2.          The truth about the Youido Parc 1 lawsuit


to be continued…

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