Truth about H1, Chapter 1.3 – 1.4

3. H1 believed in the Blessed Families and still continues to believe in themmasami sakurai

After holding the GPF on December 10~14, 2009, H1 made a lot of effort to convey the truth to True Parents. However, even when he actually could meet with True Father, True Father completely misunderstood H1 and would not even listen to him.

That was because the UC leaders’ criticism and attacks against H1 had become very severe. It was reported to True Parents and the members that H1 was someone who was rebelling against True Parents, and was a “fallen Adam.” The real truth about H1 was distorted and his image, as someone who was going against True Parents, was conveyed to the members to the point that even during one service at the Cheonbokgoon the speaker shouted, “Let all of us stand up together to fight H1!”

If the UC leaders had been conscientious, they would have made efforts to fill the gap between True Parents and their son, H1. However, no such effort seems to have ever been made anywhere. Eventually True Father went to the spirit world with this division having continued on to this day. Meanwhile, Japanese members still live under a very difficult situation.

Was H1 unable to foresee this situation? If he knew the reality of the leaders surrounding True Parents, he must have been aware of what kind of move they would make. Was he not able to predict what was going to happen if he started to act, following his conscience?

I don’t think that H1 knew that UC leaders could be like that. I tend to think that H1 believed in the members. I think that H1 believed that the members who knew him, especially the second gens, would not be deceived by those false leaders, no matter what kind of lies and falsehoods they would promote. I think he believed that the members would be able to see the truth. No matter how challenging the situation may become, he believed that many members would stand up for the truth if the leaders were not following the principled way or the way of True Love, or if they were taking significantly wrong steps away from the providential direction.

Members, however, kept their silence. Most of those in public position who knew the real truth didn’t dare to say anything and bowed before their immediate authority. Only a few stood up at the risk of their lives.

And yet, H1 still believes in the members to this day without a change in his outlook.

Even at the members’ gathering on September 28, 2014, he defended the members on the church side instead of accusing them, saying, “UC members are just sleeping.”

I want you to understand this. When he strongly challenges us by telling us that members should fulfill their responsibility as God’s sons and daughters, behind his strong words there is his trust in us –trust that we can fulfill our responsibilities to God.

4. H1’s sense of responsibility

 H1 spoke about repentance and new beginning so many times during 2014. This might sound like he is telling the Blessed Families to repent for their sins and change, while he himself does not think he did anything wrong.

However, that is far from the truth.

The fact is that H1 himself feels responsible for True Father’s seonghwa and therefore he repented before Heavenly Father and made his own new beginning.

He spoke to the audience of Korean Blessed Families at his speech gathering held on Sep. 28, 2014:

“Our movement committed a great sin before heaven. We all need to repent and make a new start. That’s how I think. What are you guys thinking about this? I cannot stop crying when I think about True Father…(he cries)

Why did True Father have to go this quickly? Why do you think? Why, before the real Foundation Day? Don’t you think this was our responsibility? I thought this was our responsibility. What kind of day is the Foundation Day? Did you spend that day thinking that it was a good day?

I spent that day as if I were in the bottom of hell. How about you? If you thought it was a good day- the day when you were liberated, then you are totally fake. You don’t know God at all. You don’t know His will, His dream at all…”

 Father’s seonghwa was not what was originally supposed to happen at the time that it did.

True Father said the Foundation Day “absolutely should not be postponed.” However, in order to welcome that day, the True Family must first become one, and it should have been the day when the substantial Cheon Il Guk would start. The truth, however, seems to have been that we Unification members were unable to establish the standard for bringing a victorious Foundation Day. It means we lost the condition to Satan, resulting in True Father’s premature seonghwa. Is it not the case?

 Many members seem to believe that the confusion in the unification community is due solely to H1. They believe none of this confusion would have happened if only H1 had stayed at True Father’s side. Some may not even recognize there was a problem. Some say they didn’t have any information or they couldn’t do anything since they were not in a position of influence. People like myself, who felt indignant about the church’s wrongdoings and lies, and thus chose to seek for the truth, might conclude that the Unification Church leaders were to blame.

People reacted in different ways, but none of us were ready to repent before Father’s seonghwa- except H1.

H1 took responsibility for all of the movements’ problems and therefore he repented before Father’s seonghwa- going through such a painful heart, as if he had been thrown down to the bottom of hell.

With this heart, he told us that we all should repent from the bottom of our hearts and make a new start at True Father’s seonghwa. He is not repenting for something he did wrong but he feels responsible for the mistakes committed by the Blessed Families before heaven, and he says it is “our responsibility”. When I saw him trying to take responsibility for the Blessed Families as their older brother, I realized that my attitude had been wrong.

 I realized that I must be the one to repent before True Children on behalf of those UC leaders who made grave mistakes-by considering those mistakes as my own responsibility since I am a fellow Blessed Central Family member.

When he scolded me about the Japanese second gens (especially those elder second gens in leadership positions), I thought at the time, “That has nothing to do with me, I was not a part of it, etc.” Now I realized I was so far away from his attitude of taking responsibility (his correct sense of responsibility). I really repent that I was so irresponsible, and was so far away from his heart.


(to be continued…)

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