Truth about H1, Chapter 1.1 – 1.2

Chapter 1 H1’s heart toward the Blessed Familiesmasami sakurai

1. H1 never forgets the church family members

Members who chose to walk with H1 have been branded as the “Kwak group”. These members have made many attempts to let the UC members know the real truth. However, in most cases they have been rejected, misunderstood and criticized. Even though it’s been seven years since the beginning of this division in our movement, the situation hasn’t changed much. Even after H1 proclaimed that he had nothing to do with the Unification Church, the church’s criticism against the “Kwak group” continues in the name of the “measure against the separatist groups”.

Because this situation continues, some people have suggested to H1, “Let’s forget about the Unification Church family members and just focus on what we need to do.” H1, however, spoke very clearly at the Seattle HDH last February:

“Some of you may say that we should forget about our members who remain in the church, but I can’t. I absolutely can’t. ”

His next words made my soul tremble:

“…because they are my family.”

I couldn’t help being moved since I knew very well how H1 has been spoken ill of and treated in such a horrible way by many of the church members.

I know some members say that the reason why members of “H1’s side” try to “tell the truth” to the members on “church side” is merely because they want manpower and donations. Nothing could be further from H1’s real truth than this.

Some Japanese members may feel H1 has abandoned the members because he made a clear declaration of breaking away from the church. This also couldn’t be further from the truth. My supervisor said he heard many times H1 speak as follows:

“I am not praying for you guys (leaders working with H1). I am concerned about the church family members and praying for them. I am responsible for them.”

Brothers and sisters, who is H1 to you? Is he somebody you can easily discard without knowing him well? Is he not a “family member” to you?

H1’s heart toward our brothers and sisters has never changed at all ever since he poured out his heart to us while he was travelling across Japan. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that his sincere prayers can somehow reach our brothers and sisters’ hearts.

2. How does H1 think about the Blessed Families?

This is what I heard from my supervisor (Mr. M ). On July, 2011, when Mr. M was working outside, he was called by H1. Mr. M visited Montana to see him. When H1 saw him, he said, “You finally came” and started to talk to him.

H1:”Even if you achieve a great success, there is no meaning if you do not stand on True Father’s foundation. What do you think is True Father’s foundation?”
Mr. M:”I understand it is not a position, asset or honor…”
H1:”Then what do you think it is?”

Mr. M thought about it for a while, and at the very moment he was about to answer by saying, “lineage”, H1 spoke first.

H1:”It is the Blessed Family”

Mr. M’s first reaction was that he thought H1 was talking about the 2nd gens including also his (Mr. M’s) children. However, H1 now strongly said to him as if he read his mind:

H1:”It is you guys! The 1st gens! The greatest asset of True Father is the Blessed Family. You are the Blessed Family, aren’t you?”
M:”Yes, I am.”
H1:”That means your father and my father is the same father, isn’t it? We are brothers who share the same father, aren’t we? I am destined to go this way together with the 1st gens.”

I felt this seemed like a one-sided love. No matter how much H1 longs for our members as his own family members, we do not realize it at all. I was reminded of his message on September 28, 2014:

“I have not forgotten about you (Blessed Families). During this time, I have been praying for you. Family….what is family?”

to be continued…

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