The Living Legacy

True Father’s legacy and vision for substantiating God’s Ideal must live on. This is the importance of the Three Kingships. From a Principle viewpoint, the messiah came to establish a True Family. So where does God’s legacy lie: in a church or in True Family? God’s substantial lineage is rooted in the True Family. The future is bright when greatness is continued in the next generation.

At the time when Jesus knew he would not be able to create a True Family, the starting point of creating ideal families and a peaceful world, he told his disciples he would have to come again. They asked how they would know him. Jesus said they would know him by his “works.”

In searching for where God is working, you need to study and observe where the “work” of creating a peaceful world is taking place. If each member really has a full measure of understanding of the substantial impact the elder son is making in the world, there should be absolutely no doubt who the central figure of God’s providence is – this person carries on the legacy of True Father.

Two of the greatest issues facing our world today are the unification of the Korean peninsula and resolution of religious-based conflict. This was a big part of the substantial work Father longed to fulfill but could not before his passing. However, his legacy lives on through the work of his son who has revitalized the political, social, religious, and economic sectors to address Korean Unification.

There is no shortcut to leadership. As long as there is a leader among Father’s sons that is absolutely aligned with God’s Will, His blessings will unfold, no matter what challenges are faced.

– Contributed by MM

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