The Importance of Personal Responsibility

In our families, children aspire to win the trust of their parents, to become equal partners in the give and take of love. Responsibility is a natural aspiration. You should feel that you are actively engaged in contributing to God’s Providence, not just going through the rhythm. Heavenly Father trusts us as His children to accomplish His original ideal. He wants us to be actively engaged, adding from our own creativity. There is a cultural shift that needs to happen. Stop setting conditions for your own salvation and become true sons and daughters of God. This should be the motivation for your aspirations.

America has lost its identity that started in the ideals of Christianity. People are losing their legacy and the next generation with it. If you cannot see your responsibility from God’s viewpoint, you cannot live in accordance with Heaven. When I look at blessed families, the problem I see is the lack of personal responsibility. There must be clarity of principle and truth to act responsibly. If you don’t have the right value system and worldview, you cannot take ownership of God’s Providence.

God has an ideal unique to you as a man or as a woman. Each embodies qualities that are essential to raising healthy children who carry on God’s legacy for peaceful, ideal families. In a modern era that tries to degrade the role of women in families, it is important to recognize the God-given qualities bestowed on both genders. God created women with a special capacity for unconditional love. Women posses the pureness of an inclination to sacrifice for their families. It is pleasing to God when he sees us nurture those God-given qualities. The mother provides and cares for children so they will become better than their parents.

In relationships, it’s about how you embody your ideals that make a relationship work or not work. That is why I focus on responsibility and precedent. You need people who set the precedent, who set the example. In a family, there must be parents that set the example.

The more you reflect the more you will understand how God is working in our life. The more grateful the person- appreciating even the smallest gesture- the deeper you can build your relationship with God.

-Contributed by MM

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