The battleground is in substantiating the ideal culture

Every social group has certain morals that translate into certain behaviors and can be considered culture. These are the things that are picked up. When you read True Father’s speeches, why are the speeches not making an impact? It’s because the negative culture is more influential, the environment is more influential. People need substantial models to follow in leading their lives. This is where culture is felt, seen and experienced, not just cognized. That’s why you have to bring it down to the [community] level. It’s absolutely important. You should be very concerned about this.

When you start bringing in new members into our movement, their first experience of all these conceptual theories of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and how ideal relationships between subject and object form, etc. are going to be manifested in their minds and hearts in the way that they see the relationships in their [community]. If you have a negative culture there, that’s the way in which they are going to interpret these concepts or these ideas. That’s why I’m saying this is where the battlefield is. This is where the real battleground is.

It’s not in the world of ideas, but in the world of culture. That means how we manifest these ideas or these beliefs. That’s where the battle is. Once we are able to build that kind of alignment between what ideas we believe in, to how we act, how we think, and how we behave, then we are going to start seeing the things that we all dreamed of, because there’s going to be a consistency. You have to understand this point. It’s the most important point. That’s why I care so much about how leaders act or how they lead. And that’s why I pick up on those things.

It’s not just a matter of feeling good about relationships – “Oh, that person makes me feel good.” That has nothing to do with it. That’s why this is so important. This is where the first initial battleground is. The battleground is in substantiating the ideal culture. Once we do that, then heavenly fortune will be tapped, and our movement, starting from leaders all the way down to members, is going to be moving in absolute alignment. You are going to see the amount of efficiency and the amount of power that could be manifested from that.

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