Remembering Seokcho

“At a 2009 event at Seokcho, Korea, H1, H2 and KJN were allotted certain roles in the movement, with Pastor H2 in the most powerful position. The attempt to reduce the influence of the elder son’s role, being fulfilled by H1, and make him subordinate to his brother H2, had been strongly promoted by church leaders, such as Sunjo Hwang. The Seokcho incident was used as an opportunity to promote that agenda. At Seokcho, Father asked that an alleged “letter from Hyo Jin Nim in the spirit world” be read out, followed by “Hoon Mo’s report”, which Father called “the reality of the spirit world”. However, Hoon Mo Nim herself, who refused to attend the meeting, denied any involvement in the document, saying to H1, “I did not write it” and to Rev. Kwak, “It is not my fault, I do not know anything about it”. In fact, Dr. Chang Shik Yang later admitted that the text had been written by himself, by request of True Mother, allegedly summarizing Father’s directions. He then offered this to Mother, which someone had then refashioned as “Hoon Mo Nim’s report”, which Father believed to be a spiritual message. It was clear that “Hoon Mo Nim’s report” was not a spiritual message at all and H1 understandably refused to recognize its content. H1’s protests upset Father, who believed the text to be a genuine message from the spirit world. The message was sent to the world membership, who naturally believed in its validity.

Many blessed families believe Father could not be deceived, but the Seokcho incident is clear proof that he can and was. The Seokcho incident undermined and tainted Father’s moral and spiritual authority; he was clearly being used and manipulated by others. Based upon a lie, Father made changes in leadership and demanded his son to cease his work and remain with him for one year. H1 could not follow that direction, not only because it was a result of ethically untenable actions, lies, and political tactics, but, even more critically, because he would be causing damage to his father and God’s providence. By abandoning the offering he was preparing for Foundation Day, he would be doing what Satan desired most, the annulment of Foundation Day. To this day, the narrative of the “revelation” and the “rebellious son” remain uncorrected in the minds of the majority of blessed families. If blessed families took a moment to reflect, they would realize that anyone of the slightest ethical sensibility would have acted as H1 had done.”

– Mark Bramwell, End of the Cosmic Conflict

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  1. After all these years, it would be good to have a review of the chronology of events that led up to H1 not accepting the “Letter from Hyo Jin Nim in spirit world.”

    If I remember correctly, from early on Father assigned H1 to be involved in the political arena as the external Abel while H2 was assigned to be the internal Abel of the movement. Hence, H1 was in charge of global outreach activities centering on the United Nations and the Washington Times. And H2 was to be in charge of outreach activities of a theological nature. This would reflect their chosen fields of study and university degrees. Together, they would have made a dynamic duo and accomplished Cain/Abel restoration.

    This decision by Father of placing H1 in the Cain position was made long before the “Seokcho incident.” And the decision for H2 to be successor seems to have been clear from the time Father showed favor with H2’s son and kept him close.

    On the other hand, I can’t fully dismiss H1’s allegations that leaders and H1’s siblings conspired to undermine him. The full details of In Jin Nim’s takeover of the HSA-UWC board of directors in America aren’t clear. Nor is H2 and Kook Jin Nim’s role in that takeover, which removed H1.

    Obviously some kind of restoration (or spiritual conspiracy) is taking place here as the same kind of “political tactics” seem to have taken place when Mother removed H2 and Kook Jin Nim from their leadership roles and announced herself as “the only begotten daughter” under Hoon Mo Nim’s tutelage.

    My concern is that none of this is going to be resolved as long as we fail to understand that principalities are at work here to tear down Father’s Great Work. That’s why I believe it’s a good time to review what really happened and re-evaluate things from the proper perspective — which is, that the principle of restoration is still at play and we have all fallen short. (So far.)

    Ephesians 6:12
    “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

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