Public Letter by Vice Director of Family Education Department of UC Japan

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Statement by Mr. Masaue Sakurai

To the UC pastors of Japan,

For a long time, I have been withholding my thoughts deep within my heart. I have been asking questions repeatedly, reaching dead ends with no answers. What I am going to write here in this letter is my own conclusion that I finally arrived at after several years of anguish and prayer, and the honest cry of my original mind which has persisted deep within me. 

As you all know, at a certain point, our family became a “family of turmoil”, because my brother and my mother started to move in a direction different from the direction of the UC. However, as I see it, if there is anything to be considered problematic about them, it is the fact that they “searched for the truth”!

I met Hyun Jin Nim before my mother met him, and was moved by his guidance. And before my younger brother announced his support for Hyun Jin Nim and started his activities, I already had information from Hyun Jin Nim’s side. This was because I discussed with my close Korean elder brothers several times when they were following Hyun Jin Nim. For that reason, I also noticed long ago that many things spoken at the UC church were quite different from the facts. To state it clearly, I am one who strongly felt that the church’s claims, such as, “Hyun Jin Nim left because he couldn’t overcome his feeling of lack of love,” or, “He could not deny himself in front of True Father”, could not be further from the truth!

Nevertheless, I decided to remain silent, because just as many others believed, I believed that we should not try to touch or solve the problems of True Family, that surely they will solved by True Children, True Father, or True Mother. But I was wrong. This problem is not just a problem of the “True Family” alone, but is deeply related to the problems of the leaders, who represent us blessed families.

If the starting point of the problem was the “heartistic relationship between True Parents and True Children”, then the problem should be solved there. If the cause of the problem was the “conflict among siblings” within True Family, then the problem needs to be solved there. However, if the factors that caused and worsened this series of problems were “our own” attitude of faith and our behavior, then “we” have the 5% responsibility to solve the problem! I admit that I have not made effort to fulfill that responsibility. Or perhaps I became a “bystander” with the “excuse” that I should focus on my own work.

You may ask, what benefit will be given to the providence by my making this statement? Many people may say, “Don’t involve us in a sectarian conflict.” However, again, I believe this is not merely a family conflict or a sectarian conflict. The final destination of God’s providence is “True Family”, and the frontline of God and Satan is there. Therefore, I believe that this is the dividing line which determines the direction of the Unification Movement!

If the person we have been attacking as the head of a “sect” is the one standing at the center of God’s providence, or if the person we have been striking based on our own fixed concept and belief is the one who speaks “God’s words”, and if we are standing in a position similar to the Pharisees and Sadducees who taught the people about Jesus Christ being the manifestation of evil 2,000 years ago, then we could be committing a grave “crime” in front of God’s providence.

If you say you don’t see any problem in the current situation of True Family and the direction of the Unification Movement, then there is nothing I can say to you. But if you, as a person of faith, honestly feel that something serious is happening, then shouldn’t we be urgently trying to find out what the origin of this problem is, what the causes are and what needs to be rectified?

The era of Cheon Il Guk, which started in 2001, was an era when True Children and blessed families were to become one and inherit the victorious realm of True Parents, and together cross over the final peak toward the building of Cheon Il Guk. What was the cause of this providence being abandoned? Do you seriously believe that Hyun Jin Nim was unable to be obedient to True Parents, and stole the assets and ran off? I received direct guidance from Hyun Jin Nim, even if just for a few years, and I was touched by his thought, conviction and character. I could not help but feel a big “distortion” in the image of Hyun Jin Nim that was propagated by the UC.

If Hyun Jin Nim were a “political” person who insists on maintaining his position and pursues taking the seat of True Father, then he would not have left his father’s side at that time, because that move would not look “smart” in anyone’s viewpoint! Through such an act, he could risk losing his entire foundation of trust built over a decade. It would be much “smarter” to stay close to Father and convey his statements. Furthermore, if he really felt jealous of his younger brothers, he should have stayed close to Father and waited for an opportunity to accuse them.

Hyun Jin Nim risked his life of faith to protect God’s providence and True Parents’ legacy. This is the conclusion I reached after many years of searching – examining relevant documents, contemplating the facts, visiting witnesses, discussing, arguing, praying, and seeking the truth. To speak further, I believe it was none other than us, blessed families, and our representative leaders, who ripped True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim apart.

If I speak without fear of criticism, I cannot help but think that “True Parents’ Proclamation” was a document which should have never gone out to the public. Is “absolutely obeying True Parents’ directions and orders” truly the “tradition of the Unification Family” that True Parents wanted to establish? I don’t think so! The tradition True Parents established throughout their lives is the “tradition of true love” and “the tradition of living for God’s Will”. When the “True Parents’ Proclamation” document was first published, I felt a shiver go down my back. I couldn’t believe that they even got Father involved in the internal organizational struggle!

I want you all to remember this once again! The fruit of True Parents is “True Family”, and the central theme in the era of Cheon Il Guk was “the unity of Abel children and Cain children”. If there was “good and evil” from Heaven’s viewpoint, those who protect True Family and the Abel children must be on the side of “good”, while those who cause a rift in the relationship within True Family and attack True Children must be on the side of “evil”!

Rev. Sudo once taught that “Blessed families, as Cain children, must protect the Abel children at the cost of their lives… When Cain children are unable to fulfill this responsibility, the Abel children will be sacrificed and eventually Satan will attack the victorious True Parents…” (Explanation of Completed Testament Providence, p. 272)

This kind of teaching used to be “common sense” among us. However, now it seems we only see “True Parents” as being absolute and “True Children” as being relative. It appears that we have long forgotten that the center of God’s providence is “True Family”. During the age when Hyun Jin Nim stood publicly and the second generation was standing up together with him, I believe what Satan really wanted to destroy more than anything else was the foundation of “True Family” which would lead to the future. Satan must have been most afraid of the future leader who was serious about inheriting True Parents’ victory and tradition! If the series of accusations against Hyun Jin Nim were not “Satan’s work”, what else could they have been? All of us together “attacked a True Child”! At that time, even though I was somewhat aware of the truth, I kept silent, thinking, “An insignificant person like me cannot change anything.” It may have been similar to Jesus’ disciples 2,000 years ago, who stood as onlookers.

“We should believe in True Mother, she will surely solve the problem.” I also tried to think that way. But when I saw the reality, I could not help but feel deeply concerned. The victorious realm of “True Parents” must be inherited by “True Children”. From the viewpoint of the Principle, the most fundamental mission of a mother is to raise a son who can inherit the tradition of his father, and the duty of the Cain children is to support that. Is my understanding wrong?

Do you truly agree, from the bottom of your heart, with the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory that True Mother is speaking about now? Does it truly sound like the same content that True Father has been teaching us? As a person who was in charge of giving lectures on the Blessing, I could not help but wonder about this. I did not attempt to criticize, but like everyone else, I have been “struggling”.

When the Cheon Seong Gyeong was revised, we explained, “True Mother did not modify Father’s words, but just organized them.” Later, when True Mother suggested her sinless birth from the womb, at the headquarters we explained, “She didn’t mean the change of lineage, but was just emphasizing the value of True Mother’s birth.” However, now, “True Mother’s sinless birth” has almost become the official view, and it is becoming difficult to voice any objection.

Now, even if it is said that “True Father had original sin!” surely we would be told, “You must believe, because True Mother said so.” It is a “fact” that True Mother really said this! I do not think I am the only one who feels that without our being aware of it, the precious root of the view of Principle and faith has been altered!

Those who have long been in this faith also say, “It is obvious that True Mother will not change her mind, no matter how much we try to point those things out. Therefore, it is the way of filial piety to continue attending her, even if she is wrong.” Do you really believe that just keeping silent and following True Mother is truly “living for her sake”?

I love True Mother. As a second generation, True Parents have been my True Parents, even before I learned their teachings. However, loving True Mother must be distinguished from deifying and blindly following her. Furthermore, I am a person who believes in True Mother’s deep love for True Father. However, whether True Mother’s words and directions are consistent with True Father’s view of Principle and providence is another question. I believe “the way of filial piety” is to support True Mother to go in the direction of “God’s providence”, and walk in that direction together. Don’t you think so?

The Unification Movement was a movement that lived for “God’s providence” and worked to fulfill it. We were not believers of a religion that tells us we will go to Heaven by worshipping True Parents! To me, the Unification Movement was a group of families that made effort to inherit True Parents’ way of life and live up to God’s expectation. When did it change into a faith group that believes in and worships True Parents’ “legendary life”?

For whose sake is the HJ Cheonwon project? For the members? For world peace? When people look at it, will they feel a sincere heart of longing for True Parents, and feel the presence of “God’s providence”? Every time I saw the appearance of new buildings lining up in the land of Cheongpyeong, I felt “pain” rather than joy or inspiration. Is it because of my lack of faith? Don’t you pastors, who know the suffering and miserable situation of the members, feel the same way?

The fruit of True Father’s entire life and the starting point of Cheon Il Guk is not supposed to be some majestic building, but is supposed to be “True Family” and “blessed families”! The essence and “destination” of our movement have been changed, have they not? My intention is not to deny the reform efforts of the Japan church. Church reform, promotion of the Blessing, creation of the environment, these are all things that I want to do most, and what I have been striving to achieve with all my energy, day and night, together with all of you. However, no matter how desperately we advance the reform “inside the ship”, if that ship has the wrong “destination”, how can we expect those efforts to bear fruit?

I have been considering announcing my “resignation” after this Blessing is over, or once I finish the series of work related to it. Meanwhile, I have been sharing my thoughts and concerns with the leaders, but I realized that all these things – the negative attitude toward Hyun Jin Nim, the UCI lawsuits, Only Begotten Daughter theory, HJ Cheonwon Project – all are policies of “the General Headquarters”, and the Japan church will not have the ability to do much about them.

If a person cannot accept the policies of an organization, and if he/she wishes to continue his/her belief, the proper action for that person to take would be to gracefully and quietly withdraw.  However, when I finished writing my letter of resignation, I thought, when it comes to the true meaning of responsibility, this is not the right way! How can I just get off the “ship” by myself, leaving my “family” inside, even though the “destination is wrong”?! To me, the members are my “family”! They are the people who have been striving to fulfill “God’s Will” together, in the midst of tremendous suffering.

Up until now, this has been my way of thinking: If the Family Federation is the “Sewol”, I will sink together with it while giving all of my energy for its reform until the end. I believe many pastors may share the same heart. It may be the proper way of a “sailor”. But now, I think differently. The true mission of a “sailor” is to protect the lives of the “passengers” until the end, and to make sure they arrive at the “destination”! We may have forgotten the most fundamental point by trying too hard to protect the “ship” itself.  The reason why we boarded the “ship” was to get to the “destination”. It is the same for the “passengers”, and the purpose of the “ship” is to carry them to that destination!

If you say you have to protect the “spiritual life” of the members, isn’t it our duty to clearly find out where this Family Federation “main ship” is going, and whether or not our members’ sweat, tears and jeongseong, and the efforts the Japan church made for the reform are truly connected to God’s providence? I believe that is the duty of the “sailor”!

Of course, at present, it may not be theological arguments or the pursuit of truth that our members are seeking. I am well aware that currently, in the midst of hardships, what they are seeking are healing, comfort, and support. It has been my duty to help the person in front of me, and that has been the only contribution I could make. But no matter how much we invest ourselves, if the “destination” to which we are leading the members is wrong, and we end up misguiding them, how can we take responsibility for their “spiritual life”? The most important components that “sailors” must not lose are the “destination” to guide them, and the “direction” to reach it.

When I think about this, I realize that what Hyun Jin Nim taught us was about the “destination of the ship”. He didn’t teach us to “follow him”, but taught us to look at “God’s Will” together, and live for God’s Will. He taught us that loving True Parents does not mean that our names are remembered by them and that we receive their love. It means to live for God’s Will, and fulfill “God’s desire” which True Parents strived to achieve throughout their lives!

I think the reason why Hyun Jin Nim did not hesitate to express his disagreement to Father was because he was serious about “God’s Will”. Also, I think the reason why he was seriously troubled by the words and deeds of his younger brothers was because he was concerned that this movement would lose sight of its “destination”. Even while the UC side was obsessed with holding campaigns to criticize Hyun Jin Nim, it seems the sole focus Hyun Jin Nim had was how to fulfill Father’s desire before Foundation Day while Father was still alive. Every time I discussed with those on Hyun Jin Nim’s side, I was reminded that fulfilling God’s Will and Father’s wish is far more important to Hyun Jin Nim than spending time proving his own innocence! In other words, Hyun Jin Nim was fighting with his neck on line for the “destination” of this movement!

I’ve made up my mind. I will deliver the truth about Hyun Jin Nim and his words to the members. It is because I see “God’s providence” in the direction he is pointing to, and I find truth and Principle in the words he speaks. It is because I see “true filial piety” when Hyun Jin Nim says, with tears and a desperate heart, “I have to help Mother become the victorious True Mother!”, versus when I see leaders saying, “We must protect Mother!”

If brothers are moving in the wrong direction, should a filial son not stop them, even if it means he must raise his voice to do so? If parents lose their way, should a true filial son not desperately stop them, no matter how much he is criticized? Hyun Jin Nim is not such a low-level person to “challenge Mother’s authority for his own power”! He is someone who carries Mother on his back, and walks the way of God’s Will until the end! When I learned about Hyun Jin Nim, this is how I truly felt he has been all along.

Because Hyun Jin Nim’s words are not reaching the members due to the distorted information and “walls” that we built, or because of the trauma experienced from the conflicts between spiritual sects, I felt the need to convey Hyun Jin Nim’s message correctly. While thinking about this, I could not go through a single day without feeling struggle. Yet, no matter how many times I prayed, refused, hesitated, or was afraid, that thought persisted strongly in my mind.

I once tried to stop my mother, because I was trying to “protect” her. But I could not stop her. I saw my mother raising her voice with everything she had, saying, “I was someone loved by True Parents. I am the eldest daughter in the Japan Unification Church.” All the while, with desperate prayer, she was thinking more about God’s providence, True Parents and the members than her own position, honor, or seunghwa.

I am of the same thinking as my mother now. I do not want the Japan Unification Church to stand any longer on the side of attacking Hyun Jin Nim, the one who is furthering God’s providence! Please stop conveying incorrect, one-sided information to the members. That is not the responsibility of pastors, and I don’t want pastors to carry such responsibility! I want to change the direction of this ship from now! I believe it is Hyun Jin Nim who can truly support Mother, and lead the members in the direction of God’s providence.

I do not mind if stones are thrown at me, if you believe this message is the outcry of some crazy person who was “poisoned” by the sect. But if there are those among you who hear “a different message”, please continue to seek the “truth” without being trapped by the prejudices or opinions surrounding you. Please listen to those who are risking their lives to convey the truth, starting with the two letters written by my mother. Please listen to the words of truth by Hyun Jin Nim, who desperately tried to reach out to us, even while being persecuted, being called a “thief of assets” and “thief of members”!

And please do not judge the members who seek the truth. People are supposed to seek truth. Were you not the same when you joined this movement? Those who truly stand on “truth” do not say, “Don’t look. Don’t listen. Don’t touch.” They would say, “Look, listen, touch, and decide with prayer”. Even though immature second generation or immature members may need to be taken care of differently, it is not “normal” to say to the elders and young members, “You will be regarded as a sinner if you attend the gathering over there”!

Truth is not truth simply because people see it to be true. Even if everyone opposes, truth is truth. If we are people who believe in God and know God’s words, shouldn’t the standard to judge right and wrong be “Principle” and “God’s providence”, instead of HQ’s opinion or the words of those in positions of authority? And should we not judge based on “Divine spirit” and “God’s truth”? My action of writing this letter is a result of that.

If confusion arises after each of you start to voice the truth that you believe, doesn’t it mean that this church is not currently in the “right” state? I was one among those who were afraid of confusion. However, now I feel that we “should not avoid” the confusion if it occurs in the process of bringing this movement back to the right state.

As I wrote in the beginning, if the cause of the movement being misled was blessed families’ words, deeds and attitudes, then each one of us owes our 5% responsibility to solving this problem! We should not put the entire burden of responsibility onto True Family without us fulfilling our responsibility. And I do not believe that fulfilling our 5% responsibility means just believing, remaining as silent bystanders.

What is important for me is to believe in the inner voice of my original mind, to break the silence and convey the truth I believe to all of you. One person’s voice might be very small, but if it speaks the words of truth, it should reach people. And even if one voice is small, could it not change “the currents of the sea” if many voices come together as one?

I saw Hyun Jin Nim continue to speak his belief and the truth amidst persecution, criticism and suffering, just like Father did. And I realized that his “true love” toward Heaven, Parents and members was his motivation, not resentment, anger or hatred. Seeing that, I was able to make my determination.

“Faith” is required especially in times of difficulty and suffering. I would like to have faith in God’s guidance once again. I believe from the bottom of my heart that through each person standing on truth, overcoming this difficult time of conflict and confusion, this movement will see the day when everything will become one in God’s providence.


October 1st 2017

Masaue Sakurai


(Japanese original)











にもかかわらず、私が沈黙しようと思ったのは、多くの方々同様、真の家庭の課題は私たちが触れていい内容でも、解決できる問題でもなく、必ずや子女様御自身が、お父様が、お母様が解決してくださるものと信じたからです。しかし、それは違いました。この問題は“真の家庭”だけの問題ではなく、私たち祝福家庭を代表する指導者たちの問題が深く関わっているからです !




私がこんなことを訴えたところで、現場の摂理に何の益があるのかと言われるでしょう。分派闘争に巻き込むな!と思われる方々も多いに違いありません。しかし、私は今、改めて思います。これは単なるお家騒動でも、分派闘争でもありません。神の摂理の終着点は“真の家庭”であり、神とサタンの一線もそこであって、これが今後の統一運動の方向性を決する一線だと思うのです !


もし、私たちが分派だ !として叩いてきた相手が、神の摂理の中心に立っている方であり、もし私たちが自らの固定概念と信仰観をもって打ってきた相手が“神の言葉”を語っている方であり、もし私たちが二千年前、イエス・キリストを悪の化身として民衆に教えてきたパリサイ人、律法学者のような立場に立っているとしたら、私たちは神の摂理の前に重大な“罪”を犯す立場になり得るのです!




2001年に始まる天一国時代は、子女様と祝福家庭とが一つとなって、ご父母様の勝利圏を受け継ぎ、天一国創建に向けた最後の峠を越えて行く時代でした。その摂理が座礁した原因は何だったのでしょうか?顕進様が父母様に従順屈服できず、財産を強奪して飛び出した、と、本気でそう信じておられるのでしょうか?私はたとえ数年間であれ、顕進様から直接、指導を受け、その思想や信念、人格に触れてきた人間です。教会から聞かされる顕進様像には、大きな“歪み”を感じざるを得ませんでした。p. 2












こうしたことは、かつての私たちにとっては“常識”でした。しかし、今や“真の父母”のみを絶対視し、“真の子女”は相対化され、天の摂理が“真の家庭”にあったことなど、とうに忘れ去られてしまったかのようです。かつて、顕進様が公的に立たれ、これを中心に二世圏が立ち上がっていたあの時代、サタンが何よりも打ち砕きたかったのは、未来へと続く“真の家庭の基台”でしょう。父母様の勝利圏と伝統を本気で相続しようとする未来の指導者を、サタンは何よりも恐れたはずです!当時、顕進様を激しく糾弾した一連の事件が“サタンの業”でなくて何だったのでしょうか? 私たちは全員で“真の子女を打った”のです! あの時の私は、半ば真実に気付きながらも、“自分のような小さな者にできることなど何もない”として沈黙し、傍観した“二千年前の弟子たち”と同じだったのかもしれません。






天聖経が編纂された時、私たちは「お母様はお父様の御言に手を加えたのではない、ただ整理されたのだ」と説明してきました。その後、お母様が胎中聖別をほのめかす話をされた時、本部では「血統転換を意味しているのではなく、お母様の出生の価値を強調されたのだ」と解説してきました。しかし今や「お母様の無原罪誕生」はほぼ公式見解となり、異論を唱えるのもはばかられるようになりました。p. 3


今後、「お父様には原罪があった!」とされても、「お母様の御言なのだから信じよ」となるに違いありません。お母様がそれを語られたのは“事実”だからです! 気付かぬうちに、私たちが価値視すべき原理観や信仰観の根幹がずれてきているように感じるのは、私だけではないはずです !


信仰歴の長い方々は、こうも言われます。“私たちがそれを指摘したところでお母様が考えを変えてくださる訳ではないのだから、たとえ間違っていようとも、侍って行くことが子女の道理ではないか” と。しかし、本当に、ただ黙って付き従うことが“お母様のため”なのでしょうか?




統一運動は“神の摂理”に生き、それを果たそうとする運動でした。私たちは、父母様を崇めて天国に行こう、という宗教を信じてきたのではありません!父母様の生き方を相続し、神の願いに生きようとする群れが統一家であり、それが私にとっての統一運動でした。いつから、真の父母様の“一代記” を信じ崇める信仰集団へと変わってしまったのでしょうか?


HJ 天苑は誰のためのプロジェクトなのでしょうか?食口のためでしょうか?世界平和のためでしょうか?それを見た人々が、本当に心から父母様を慕い、そこに“神の摂理”を実感するようになるのでしょうか? 私は清平の地に新たな建造物が立ち並んでいく姿を見る度に、喜びや感動よりも“痛み” を覚えました。私の信仰のなさ故でしょうか? 食口たちの苦労と窮状を知る牧会者の皆さんなら、同じような思いを抱かれないでしょうか?


真の父母様の生涯の結実は、天一国の起点は、荘厳な建造物などではなく、“真の家庭”であり、“祝福家庭”であるはずです!私たちの運動の本質が、“行き先”が、変わって来てしまっているのではないでしょうか? 私は日本教会の改革の努力を否定したいのではありません。教会改革、祝福推進、環境創造…、それは私が最も成したいことであり、皆さんと共に、昼夜なく、力を尽くしてきた内容でもありました。しかし“船の中”の改革を必死に進めたとしても、もしその船の“行き先”が間違っているとしたら、そうした努力はどこに結実し得るのでしょうか?






私はこれまで、こう考えてきました。もし仮に家庭連合が“セウォル号”であるなら、私は最後までその改革に死力を尽くして共に沈もう、と。この思いは、多くの牧会者の方々の思いと同じでしょう。それが“船員”としての道理なのかも知れません。しかし、私は今、思います。“船員”の本当の使命とは“乗客”の命を最後まで守り、彼らを“目的地”に届けることなのではないだろうか!と。私たちは“船”を守ろうとするあまり、本質的なことを見失っているのかも知れません。私たちが“船”に乗り込んだ理由は“目的地”のためでした。“乗客”もまた同じであり、彼らをその目的地まで運ぶことが“船”の目的であったはずです! p. 4




無論、現状にあって、食口たちが求めているのは教義論争や真実の追求ではないのかも知れません。苦労の中にあって、彼らが欲しているものは癒しであり、慰めであり、身近なサポートであることを、私もよく知っています。目の前にいる一人を助けることがこれまでの私の務めであり、私にできる唯一の貢献でした。しかし、どんなに真心をもって尽くしたとしても、食口たちを導く“行き先”が誤っているとすれば、また、私たちが食口たちを誤導してしまっているのだとしたら、私たちは何をもって、彼らの“霊的生命”に責任をもつことができるのでしょうか? 船員が何よりも見失ってはならないものは、彼らを導く“目的地”であり、“行き先”ではないでしょうか?






私は心を決めました。顕進様の真実とその声を食口たちに届けます。顕進様の語る言葉に真実と原理を見出し、指し示す方向性の中に“神の摂理”を見るからです。「お母様を守らなければならない」と語る指導者たちの孝情よりも、悲痛な心情で「お母様を“勝利されたお母様”として立てて差し上げなければならない !」と涙される顕進様の中に“本物の孝情”を見るからです!


もし兄弟たちが誤った方向に進もうとするなら、声を荒げてでもそれを食い止め、万一、親が方向性を見誤るようなことが生じたなら、自分がどう言われようと、必死になって、それを食い止めようとするのが真の孝子ではないでしょうか? 顕進様は「自らの力をもってお母様の権威に挑もう」というような、そんなレベルの低い方ではありません!お母様を最後まで背負って、御旨を歩まれる方です! それが、私がその間、見聞きし、実感してきた顕進様の真実の姿でした。






私も今、それと同じ思いです。私は日本教会を、これ以上、顕進様、神の摂理を進めようとする方を打p. 5


つ側に立たせたくないのです!どうか、一方的で誤った情報を食口たちに伝えることを中断してください。その責任は牧会者の方々が負うべきではありませんし、負って頂きたくもないのです!今からでも、この船の方角を変えたいのです!お母様を本当に支え、食口たちを神の摂理の方向性へ向かわせることのできる方は顕進様だ !と、私は信じます。



















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