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Below is Mr. Youngjun Kim’s paper submitted at the CESNUR International Conference held in July of 2016.

Youngjun Kim, the President of the Family Peace Association (email: fpa-i@outlook.com)

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My name is Youngjun Kim. I am the international president of the Family Peace Association (FPF) which Dr. Introvigne explained in his presentation. You may have heard news about the conflict within the Unification Movement. It was presented in the media and by the Family Federation as a struggle over assets and position. However, it really is a theological cosmic struggle because of the distortion of Rev. Moon’s mission and teaching by the Family Federation and others.

One can identify four main groups in this struggle: the Family Peace Association which supports Preston Moon, the Family Federation under Mrs. Moon, Sean Moon’s Sanctuary Church. And I would like to identify a fourth group: The clerics who have served under several administrations in the Family Federation and have been exerting their influence on Rev. Moon and the whole movement.

The struggle in the last 7 years showed who is the true successor and who carries on Rev. Moon’s work based on the proper understanding of Rev. Moon’s mission and teaching. Because of time limitations I am sorry but I will not go into all the details. You can come to me after the presentation if you have questions.

Like I mentioned, the current struggle in the Unification Movement is a cosmic and theological struggle. FPA believes:

1. That Preston Moon is the true heir who is upholding and protecting Rev. Moon’s true mission and legacy. I want to mention a few of the reasons why this is the case:

a. The 3 Great Kingships: Rev. Moon’s core teaching is about the realization of God’s purpose of creation. In the Unification Movement the Purpose of creation is to realize a God-centered ideal family. In that family every family member should establish a parent-child relationship with God and becomes an owner of true love (sacrificial love). And this family should establish the 3 Great Kingships. There are 3 positions of authority: God, father and elder son. The establishment of the 3 Kingships in 3 generations implies the continuum of time and God’s sovereignty lasts forever. Therefore, the elder son has a very important responsibility and role to play. This point is also emphasized in the central tradition of the “Family Pledge” that believers recite.

b. Rev. Moon’s words

i. Cosmic Incident: “When I think about God’s wish and longing for this day, I cannot help but expressing my utmost gratitude to Him.…. ‘God’s 3 generations were not established due to the Fall. To re-establish 3 generations is the providence of salvation and fulfillment of restoration. Knowing all these, I consider this inauguration for heaven’s public responsibility centering on 3 generations to be a ‘Cosmic Incident.’” [Rev. Moon’s speech at Preston Moon’s inauguration ceremony NY, USA July 19, 1998]

ii. “True Parent’s blessing on earth has a great value. The same value of this blessing is given to the elder son, Heung Jin. So, Heung Jin can do everything True Parent did and also Hyun Jin [Preston], the younger son can do everything Heung Jin does.” [Sep. 24, 2004]

iii. “I [Rev. Moon] have been leading the movement for 50 years up to now, but you [Preston Moon] have to lead it for 50 years from now.” [After US 12 city tour in January 2007]

c. Preston Moon’s merit

i. He is a “gifted son”.

ii. He possesses moral character and good personality, ability and leadership

iii. He gave sermons since he was only 14. And Rev. Moon trained and raised him.

iv. He became an Olympic athlete of Korean equestrian team and competed at 1988 and 1992 Olympics.

v. He graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Business School as well as Unification Theological Seminary where all the UM leaders should graduate. (Rev. Moon’s standard)

vi. His commitment to fulfillment of God’s ideal and deep understanding of Rev. Moon’s fundamental teaching has been shown through his consistent works and teaching. He has been doing his best to protect the value and legacy of True Parents and True Family.

vii. Together with his wife Preston has 9 children and established good family.

2. False theologies promoted by the groups of Mrs. Moon, the clearics, and Sean Moon. The other groups disqualify themselves due to their willingness to distort the teachings of Rev. Moon for temporal and political reasons in the last 7 years. Because the other groups have no legitimacy, all their actions can be seen as attempts to establish their legitimacy. FPA sees their actions as opportunistic, and having no consistency with the main theology of Rev. Moon.

These are some examples of their claims that are inconsistent with Rev. Moon’s teachings:

a. The “Only begotten daughter” theory by Mrs. Moon:

i. This is a new theology that is being heavily promoted by the Family Federation and its leadership. A theory alien and unknown to Rev. Moon. Basically an attempt to consolidate and cement Mrs. Moon’s authority and position.

ii. This new theory that she was prepared by heaven contradicts the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle doesn’t teach predestination of a human being’s destiny. There is 5% portion of human responsibility to be fulfilled by a person. (If Rev. Moon’s first wife, Sunkil Choi had fulfilled her responsibility, she would have been True Mother instead of Mrs. Moon.)

iii. This theory violates God’s original expectation for woman to become embodiment of God’s femininity in complementary relation to God’s masculinity.

iv. Mrs. Moon makes statements that she was not raised by Rev. Moon, despite many instances where Rev. Moon states the contrary.

v. Mrs. Moon’s statements erase Rev. Moon’s lineage by only emphasizing the Han lineage.

vi. Editing and removing sacred scriptures against Rev. Moon’s direction to promote her agenda

1. The 8 Great Texts described by Rev. Moon are his “final words to humanity”. These are the Divine Principle, Rev. Moon’s Sermon vol. 1-615, CheonSeongGyeong, Family Pledge, PyeongHwaShinGyeong, True Family which is the door to heaven, Owner of peace Owner of lineage, and the World Scripture.

2. “CheonSeongGyeong, nobody can alter it.” [Rev. Moon April 22, 2004] However, the clerics and Mrs. Moon started changing the holy scriptures when Rev. Moon was at his deathbed.

3. Changes of holy scripture and cannon:

a. Heavily edited the “Selection of Rev. Moon’s sermon volumes 594 to 615.

b. Changed the original Family Pledge (replaced God with Heavenly Parents, which is not the being to whom God prayed, nor was it the way Rev. Moon referred to God.) In religious terms, it is the changing of the object of worship.

c. Changed the holy scriptures known as the original “CheonSeongGyeong”, and changed the Peace Messages

d. Published a totally new scripture: ChambumoGyeong

vii. Age of father-son cooperation: Rev. Moon declared the age of father-son cooperation and the end of the age of motherson cooperation. “You have to clearly understand the meaning of the age of father-son cooperation. This is the last one. When a son carries on his father’s lineage, his mother too should serve him, should she not? Yes, indeed. We are moving into the age of father-son cooperation.” [Rev. Moon, Dec. 23, 2000]

b. Sean Moon

i. Taught sinner and slave theology (July 31, 2011), a theology inconsistent with Rev. Moon’s teachings

ii. Initiated strange rituals: sending vibrations (again inconsistent)

iii. Buddhist themes (all over the place)

iv. Changing FFWPU to “tongilkyo” (which the clerics went along with), this was a huge providential and organizational change that goes against the Founder’s main thrust

v. Strong Abel theory (distortion of the Divine Principle & Promoting Kook Jin’s gun company)

vi. Now he founded the Sanctuary Church. He is cursing his mother as the whore of Babylon after being removed by her from his positions, although he deified his mother when he had been in power.

vii. The period of Sean being in charge of the FFWPU had so many distortions, inconsistencies and unacceptable changes of Rev. Moon’s teachings by the leadership that they would require a separate study on its own.

c. The clerics’ agenda of ecclesiastic rule was clearly revealed through the establishing of the Cheon Il Guk (CIG) constitution, and the CIG Supreme Council because it strengthens their power and authority within the Unification Movement and remove authority and dignity of True Family.

i. Peter Kim, Dongmoon Joo, Changshik Yang, Sunjo Hwang (main clerics) are key instigators.

ii. “As a person who has lived closely with True Parents and served True Family for 40 years, I can definitely say this. Our vertical line is not connected to True Children but always to True Parents. When we are connected to True Father through the [vertical] line, they [True Children] are not in between True Father and us. We have a direct line which connects us to True Parents. This is my conviction… We must go through True Parents as a matter of our eternal life line.” [Peter Kim, Feb. 22, 2010]

iii. Giving examples of Nation of Islam and Mormonism to justify their position that capable disciples should inherit the founder’s authority instead of incapable direct children. (Changshik Yang’s sermon at CheonBokGung)

3. Coup d’état

a. The clerics, Sean, and Mrs. Moon colluded together and brought people who could work together in order to remove Preston.

b. After Sean took the positions in the Unification Movement he utilized all the authority and resources in order to drive a strong character assassination against Preston globally. This included workshops, media campaigns, use of public memos, use of sermons, false reporting, use of theology, and other means to attack Preston Moon.

c. After Rev. Moon’s death these three groups (clerics, Sean, Mrs. Moon) are fighting to take authority over the entire Unification Movement.

d. All the foundation Rev. Moon created for fulfillment of God’s providence were hijacked even though that foundation should be passed to the true heir, Preston Moon.

4. Preston Moon’s position: He continues the works Rev. Moon initiated.

a. Rev. Moon didn’t come to establish a new religion

i. It is a mistake to claim that name change of HSA-UWC to FFWPU, is simply a “name change” of the organization. What Rev. Moon did was a radical change by putting an end to the church model, and emphasizing the family as the final place where God intended to dwell with humankind. The point being the move away from a centralized hierarchical church model to a decentralized family model. Perhaps academically it can be considered a type of supra-religion that Rev. Moon envisioned.

ii. FPA is a religious association which is trying to fulfill the original mission of FFWPU, since FFWPU deviated from its path.

b. Rev. Moon’s mission is to establish the kingdom of peaceful, ideal world centered on God.

i. Preston founded the Global Peace Foundation, which is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for a global peace movement when the Universal Peace Federation changed its mission and direction into a sectarian direction under Sean Moon in November of 2009.

c. Rev. Moon was against the deification of any human being including Jesus and himself.

i. It is ironic that the clerics are deifying Rev. and Mrs. Moon. I assume the reason they do this is because it allows for ecclesiastic rule after the passing of Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

ii. But Rev. Moon never intended for ecclesiastic rule. In many instances throughout his life Rev. Moon explicitly expressed and revealed his intention of continuity through his lineage

5. This is a cosmic struggle. The reason it is a cosmic struggle is because the current Family Federation is promoting a false theology and has led a campaign to kill the true successor. Therefore, the direction of the Unification Movement is opposite to what Rev. Moon originally intended.

  • The actions of the Family Federation under Mrs. Moon, Sean Moon’s Sanctuary Church and the clerics, prove their illegitimacy.
  • Their actions are based on lies and deception.
  • There is no consistency in what they are teaching.

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