Message to the Blessed Families by Rev Takeru Kamiyama in Japanese – Aug 22, 2016

Message to the Blessed Families and Members of the Unification Group – By Takeru Kamiyama

Hello, everyone,

I’d like to speak to you today on the topic: “Message to the Blessed Families and Members of the Unification Group”.

Three months ago, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Nagoya, after which I came back to New York. The reason I came back was that the doctor said it was difficult to do surgery and the surgery itself would be very dangerous. What he said specifically was that pancreatic cancer is always very difficult. But especially in my case, I had already had surgeries six times before and therefore it was impossible to cut open my belly again. Therefore, he suggested, I should go back to my family and spend the rest of my limited time with them. This was the reason  I came back here instead of staying for more medical treatment in Japan.

Even though I have experienced different diseases throughout my life, this pancreatic cancer is actually very painful. So, I am now taking morphine or steroids to suppress the pain. This medicine helps to relieve my pain for a while but it gets really painful when its effects wear off.

Because I am sending a message to you today in this kind of situation, I may not be able to speak well at times. But even True Father is telling me from the spirit world that I must convey what I must convey. Therefore, I decided to have this time today. Some part may be uncomfortable to hear, but I would be very glad if you can patiently listen to this till the end as an important message from me.


Dear Blessed Families and Members,

I would like to offer my gratitude for all the grace I have received from Heaven. It is truly Heaven’s grace that I was able to meet True Father at 24 years old and to have walked the way of God’s will throughout my life.

Now, I am soon going to go back to God’s bosom, which is the eternal homeland, after finishing an earthly life that has been full of very precious memories with True Father. When I think about seeing True Father again, whom I have longed for so much, I feel very elated. On the other hand, I cannot hide my inexpressible feeling of sorrow.

The fact is that True Father was supposed to go to the spirit world after accomplishing God’s will on earth, but instead, he had to pass away just before accomplishing Foundation Day. I have no other way to say it, except to say that it was the result of our unfaithfulness that we were unable to attend True Parents and True Family properly and to protect them.

In order to console True Father’s heart of regret even a little, I have been testifying to Father’s teaching and messages to the members for the last 4 years. I have been doing this so that all blessed families can deeply repent for their past unfaithfulness to True Father and can then have a new start.

In providential history, just as Jesus’ “death” became a big problem, I think Father’s “Seonghwa” has become the big problem in this age. The reason Jesus was put to a miserable death was because of the unfaithfulness of the Jews and the Jewish leaders. They could not see Jesus as an absolute being and saw him instead as a man of relative value.

I would like to introduce Father’s message from October 13th 1957:

“Who was the enemy of Jesus, who came to earth to save all the people? The people who did not see him as the being of absolute value but saw him as the being of relative value were the enemy of Jesus.” (“Seek the Kingdom and Righteousness,” October 13, 1957)

I think that Father’s Seonghwa was also because of the unfaithfulness of seeing the Lord of the Second Advent as a person of relative being. With absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, we should have become completely one with the Messiah who stands in the realm of absolute subject. But, instead, we have seen him as a leader of relative value. Thus, no one was able to enter the Era After the Coming of Heaven and we could not hold the real Foundation Day. God had to receive Father as an offering and to prolong His providence.

Then, how is the providence going to be prolonged? I would like to read Father’s message:

“Jesus said that he is the son of God. But God could not love Jesus. He died on the cross. Why was God not able to protect him by pulling him out from the place of death? Why did God turn his back on the only begotten son who was about to die?

Where is such a Parent? Can we go to Heaven by believing in such a Parent? Is it guaranteed? He did not fulfill even Jesus’ wish and did not listen to his earnest prayer. Can we believe in God who sent his son to the field of death? Can we just say “Let’s go to Heaven”?

Even though God has many capabilities, He is in the position to have to resolve the entanglements. However, He cannot resolve them Himself, but men have to resolve them. Unless men resolve these entanglements, God’s will is not going to be fulfilled. Therefore, in the situation where God’s will is not fulfilled, it is God’s providence to prolong by offering the person He loves as an indemnity offering.” (The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon Vol. 68, August 5, 1973)


Satan accuses God that disbelief in the Messiah is a sin deserving of death. In order not to close the course of restoration, God prolongs the providence by making the man he loves the most into an indemnity offering, in the place of humanity. Jesus did not establish a lineage and 2,000 years were necessary to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. But because Father left behind his children, the providence unfulfilled by Father could continue right after his Seonghwa. This is the big hope for us.

Starting from the leaders, what all the members have to do is to repent for having disbelieved in the Messiah. If we unite with True Father in heart, who left the standard of winning over Satan—the enemy of love, I believe that the new Pentecost will surely occur and the new providence can start. And it is my desire, dream and wish that the True Family be rebuilt through the unity of True Mother and the True Children, centering on Father’s message.

Many blessed families at present are feeling a crisis of faith, facing the schism of the Unification group. And they do not know how the providence is going to be fulfilled after Father’s Seonghwa. In such a situation, I started to search desperately for the one who has succeeded True Father’s mission and is now leading God’s providence.

I believe that Heaven’s providence will develop through the male lineage of the Messiah, based on Father’s words. It is in accordance with the Family Pledge which says “through living for the sake of others, to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage, by centering on true love.”

Also, on page 111 of the Peace Messages we can read: “God’s lineage contains the seed of true love. God’s lineage provides the context and environment for a true life. Hence, through being linked to this lineage, for us to become the ideal people envisioned by God, that is, people of ideal character, becomes possible. And by being linked to this lineage, ideal families, God’s homeland and ideal nation can emerge. This is the way for the kingdom of the peaceful ideal world to be built. We have to inscribe in our heart that the importance of lineage cannot be overly emphasized.”

Then, who among his children has the qualification to be the successor of True Father’s will? I have been thinking about this based on Father’s words as well.

It is the Messiah, True Father, who established the standard of being an absolute object, a son in front of Heavenly Father, the absolute Subject. Thus, he fulfilled unity with God and stood in the absolute subject realm towards humanity. The Messiah’s mission is to save the entirety of humanity through the change of blood lineage, by bringing to the earth the realm of God’s heart lost by the human ancestors. He also brings fulfillment of the Three Great Blessings, God’s words, God’s true love and heavenly fortune.

I have investigated into each True Child’s heart and gauged as to who is worthy to succeed such a great mission. And I came to be convinced that Hyun Jin Nim is the one who has the qualifications. I sincerely hope that you can experience directly for yourself Hyun Jin Nim’s heart to love Father, his sincere attitude towards Father’s words and what a wonderful family he has built.

After coming to such a conclusion, I went back to Japan and conveyed the message, by testifying to Father’s words, that heavenly fortune inherited from Father can be channelled to blessed families through Hyun Jin Nim. From now, Heaven’s fortune can flow to them if the blessed families are united with Hyun Jin Nim, who is united with True Father. I made efforts to solve the confusion within the movement by approaching the headquarters of UC-Japan many times. I wanted to discuss vital issues such as the meaning of Father’s Seonghwa, the altering of Father’s words and the correct understanding of Foundation Day. But UC-Japan headquarters responded by removing my title of “Honorable President” and by excommunicating me.

True Father never excommunicated anyone; even if a person had problems, still he embraced such a person. UC-Japan headquarters forgot such a tradition of True Father.

When I saw Father in Yeosu the last time before he passed away, True Father said to me, “Please take care of the Japanese members.” He also said to me, “Kamiyama, ganbare (do your best)!” I have been working hard with these words in my heart until now. But it seems that the time has come for me to pass those words on to you. Japanese members, please never forget Father’s wishes and expectations!

UC headquarters is criticizing me, saying that I am taking Mother lightly. I truly love Mother from my heart. I used to be so moved by seeing her attending Father with a sincere heart in the 1970s and 1980s. But I am concerned and feel the pain in my heart when I see Mother insisting that she is the “only begotten daughter” and neglecting Father.

Let us confirm once again who the Messiah is and who is his spouse, based on Father’s words:

“Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is someone who was first born by

God’s love, stood in front of God’s love as God’s eldest son for the first time. Therefore, Jesus said he was the only begotten son. It means that he receives the love of the whole, from beginning to end. When God becomes the absolute subject, the Messiah as a man stands in the realm of absolute subject. It is the Father-son relationship.”


“Where does he find the spouse? Not from heaven. Because Eve was lost due to the fall on earth, she has to be re-created on earth. (“God’s Will and the World (Korean version)”, page 706)

“Mother follows Father. If she is absolutely obedient, it is connected. Why? The Fall was for Eve to have had dominion over Adam. She has to receive complete dominion by Adam in order to restore that failure. But Adam has to handle the battle on the frontline. It is Satan who put 6 billion people into the bottom of the struggle. Yet it was Adam who finalized the foundation for the archangel to have become Satan. It was not Eve. Therefore, Adam is in the position to make the final decision. Therefore, it is my sense of mission that I have to chase this until the end of the world.” (“Dividing Line Of Heart”, June 12, 1967)

Thus, Father defined clearly the difference of Father’s mission and Mother’s mission. Father’s desire was to build the “True Family” where “true love, true life and true lineage” are substantiated, in which Mother and children are perfected and the Three Great Kingships and the Four Great Realms of Heart are perfected.

I would like to introduce Father’s words from April 6, 2008, when he held the ceremony for the 49th True Parents’ Day at King Garden in Kona, Hawaii:

“The ceremony taking place now is being controlled by Mother. The two sons have to absolutely obey Mother. If uniting Cain and Abel centering on Mother, and if Mother can exactly follow her husband it can be the reversal of the Fall in which Eve made Adam to fall. This can match the relationship of true love and true life connected to God before the Fall of man. Thus, it is connecting to the true lineage and it cannot help but become the kingdom of heaven of liberation and freedom, with which only God can have relationship, with one body, one wish, one harmony and one core. There would be nothing to do with the satanic world.

Mother who unites Cain and Abel in front of True Father has to walk the path of perfection with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. And all have to walk the path of perfection with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, having full confidence. You have to understand how difficult Father’s course was. When you try to go such a course, don’t think it is too difficult. You cannot overcome it without gratitude for such an unbelievable path in which you might die a thousand and ten thousand times. The lifestyle of liberation and release is not possible unless the mind and the body are one. You have to remind yourself that you have the mission to perfect the tribe as a whole by January 13, 2013, by sincerely making preparation. Because I allowed you to be victors, you cannot help but become owners of perfection with confidence and boldness. Aju! Applaud!”

I think the helicopter accident on July 19, 2008 occurred because of a lack of unity and repentance for the past in accordance with these words.

Under such a difficult situation, Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to stand as his representative and encouraged him to speak in public in front of the members from around the world. But the members did not become one as was Father’s direction.

Nonetheless, Father spoke as follows on December 24, 2008, wishing the movement to become one centering on Hyun Jin Nim:

“Hyun Jin, stand in the center. Kook Jin, stand on the left! Because Hyung Jin takes responsibility for the whole, Hyung Jin, stand on the right! You have to become one with True Parents and God, centering on the elder brother. Number of six becomes one. Because I know such a number has to be met, it is not good unless you become one. Without the center, without God, there is no way for True Father and True Mother to become one. Without the elder brother, without the center, the younger brothers cannot become one.” (“New Shrine And Restoration Of the Fatherland,” Cheon Jeong Gung, Dec. 24, 2008)


Father’s message during the ceremony was that True Family is realized by Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim becoming one centering on the eldest son, Hyun Jin Nim.

Through the false spiritual message intentionally made by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, which was read publicly at Sokcho, Korea in front of 500 members on March 8, 2009, Hyun Jin Nim ended up being removed from all public positions and in effect, expelled.

On June 5, 2010 in the early morning in True Parents’ bedroom, they determined that he is a “heretic and destroyer.”

I feel pain in my heart when I see the current situation, in which Father’s last prayer and its video are being manipulated in order to deceive members continually.

Mother, who has to take responsibility to solve such a serious problem, enticed Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim to go against Hyun Jin Nim, despite Father’s clear wish to the contrary, and together, they expelled Hyun Jin Nim. Then, she later expelled Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim as well. Currently, there is no elder son or younger son, who inherited Father’s lineage, around Mother. “True love, true life and true lineage,” which was Father’s lifelong wish, disappeared from Cheon Jeong Palace. This has caused the direction of providence to go wrong and, in effect, has destroyed it.

Such was the case of John the Baptist, who was said to be “the greatest among those born from women,” but who became instead “the least in Heaven, the miserable one.” Should we allow Mother to have such a fate? Those disciples, who stirred up Mother and went for their own self-interests, should also be accused of their sins. Father taught me “even if you are older in actual age, you have to let Hyo Jin be elder son and attend him. It is the age of the opening of the new heaven and earth!” Nevertheless, people could not allow Hyun Jin Nim to stand as the “elder son” and expelled him. Such a sin will be recorded for eternity.

Hyun Jin Nim kept offering prayers silently in order to protect the True Family, even as he was accused of being “fallen Adam” or “Satan.” We should not curse Mother as “fallen Eve,” “whore of Babylon,” or “lesbian.” We have to forgive, love and unite with true love. There is no victor in the battle of hate.

Dear blessed families and members, please open your spiritual eyes. In the Explanation of Principle (원리해설):

“It is the period of ending. And as it is said in Peter: ‘Judgment starts with the house of God,’ this is the period of confusion between good and evil, where we cannot depend on any church leaders and we cannot distinguish good and evil. The only thing we can depend on is prayer, the direct voice of God and the judgment based on pure conscience sharpened by True Father’s message.”

Blessed families and members, I pray that you discover through prayer, Father’s words and conscience that Hyun Jin Nim is the True Elder Son who inherits True Father’s lineage. And that he is the one who is trying to fulfill God’s desire by bringing back the words lost by the first human ancestors, as well as true love, God’s heart and Heavenly fortune to this earth. And I pray that you will fulfill True Father’s dream, together with Hyun Jin Nim.

I would like to leave behind the words from my heart to those elders of the Unification group, who received Father’s love and grace throughout their lives and suffered on the frontline of the providence, and also to all the brothers and sisters who lived in the same era.

Please do not betray the mission given by True Father. Hyun Jin Nim is calling out and saying, “The door of the new start has to be opened through repentance and redemption.” He himself is leading such a path and is saying such words in order to inspire all the members. Please have a successful conclusion period in your lives by uniting with Hyun Jin Nim and by guiding blessed families properly. Let’s make determination together so that we can meet Father without shame when we enter the spirit world.

And lastly, there might be many who have scars in their heart due to my words and actions, I am sincerely hoping that you forgive me with a gracious mind.

I pray that God’s blessing and protection be upon your family and your precious work.


Takeru Kamiyama

August 22, 2016

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  1. Dear Elder Brother, thank you very much for these last words. I am just reading them as I began a prayerful search to understand from my own conscience what went wrong with our movement since the ascension of TF.With TF presence everything is clear (all we need is) Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to Him as the living word of God.But since His ascension (even a little before) our family has schismed into three parts. This is a clear sign that True Love has not reached perfection in our family. So your message about extension of the providence is very sound to my heart and Conscience. Once again I realize the painful truth of Human Responsibility and will focus on my Tribal Messiah responsibility from now until 2020. Love you forever elder brother, may your soul rest in the eternal peace of HP & TP.

  2. Dear Rev. Kamiyama,
    Thank you for your words of wisdom. In the war with Satan many battles have been waged and soon God, True Parents and the Many Saints will witness the Victorious Heaven on Earth we all seek.
    Love to you and your family.
    Liz Brooker

  3. Thank you Mr. Kamiyama for always supporting True Father. It was a blessing to work with you in the early seventies in New York, Carnegie Hall Campaign, Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument Campaigns and later again with True World Marine from 2004-2007 True Father’s beloved boat business. God Bless from Bob Houston Texas

  4. Your tradition and culture is being radically compromised and changed by the Federations post death theology and Sanctuary’s post death theology. The best guide through this turmoil is the eight great text books. Use those as your authority, and make decisions of conscience with those as the measure rather than the fallen standard of conscience of an authority figure. If there is an original standard of conscience – then it is expressed in the words and legacy of the eight great text books – particularly the CSG 2006 and the Peace Messages. Fathers speeches are one of the books. The three books named in the Federation Constitution are excerpts from only one of those eight great text books – Fathers Speeches. They are not authorized by father to take the place of the eight great text books. Any other standard deviates or misses the mark.

    Hyung-jin and Kook-jin are in the position of true children but lack the substance of true children, and the vision for the original world. How can they be true heirs? Their theology is ignorance itself. They twist the words of their father and the bible to suit their own self destructive purpose. They try to destroy their mother and in so doing destroy true parents and replace them with a Christ figure. They don’t stand in the noon day sun without shadow. They cast a shadow through their resentment.

  5. Dear Rev K…. I hope that you will rest in peace when you go to the spirit world and I hope that you do not suffer too much because of your illness. I hope that you will take upon yourself all the things you believe the rest of us have not done. If you do that God will be happy.
    I am happy that I did my best and lived my life according to my conscience. I have no regrets. It is easy to believe that others are lying as you may about me… however, I repeat that I am happy and I hope that you will believe me. I am happy because I met True Parents.. both Father and Mother… and I believe I took responsibility for my life. Because I met True Parents.. I could find God’s way and follow it.
    God Bless YOU… I love you and I forgive you. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  6. God bless, Pres. Kamiyama,,,,,,,who has stood for truth, God and True Father all of his spiritual life! May his important message be heard and heeded.

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