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Questions to Hyung Jin Nim,

Your elder brother, Hyun Jin Nim, has already given clear answers to four key questions, in his speech at “True Father’s Seung Hwa Ceremony” on October 22nd 2012 as well as in his letter, “Letter to All Blessed Central Families on the Meaning of Foundation Day”, on February 12th 2013.

I consider his answers to these questions to be completely in accordance with the Principle as well as Father’s teaching. Then, what is your answer to these questions? You acknowledge yourself as the “Successor” of Father. I earnestly would like you to present your answers.

The first question is “Who is the center of the Providence?” The second question is “What is the messianic mission?” The third question is “What does the advent of True Parents and True Family signify?” And the last question is “What is the responsibility of Blessed Central Families in this time?” Following are the answers that Hyun Jin Nim explained for these questions:

Who is the center of the Providence?

In the Unification Church, there are many who say “True Father’s Providence”, “True Mother’s Providence”, “This person’s Providence” and “That person’s Providence”. However, Your elder brother is clarifying that there is no such thing as human centered Providence and is clearly answering “God is the center of Providence. God is alive, and we can see his Providence of leading human history through a substantial restoration and re-creation course. It is for God and God’s Providence that Father dedicated his life, not for his own sake or his own purpose.”

What is the messianic mission?

In the Unification Church, they are trying to deify Father as well as Mother. On the other hand, your elder brother is clarifying “The Messiah stands in the position of restored Adam and stands as God’s true son. According to Father, God wants to have parent-child relationship with humanity. Therefore, the Messiah stands in the position of God’s son.”

He further explains that True Father’s mission is “to substantiate God’s dream of creating the family, which is rooted in God’s original ideal and also is the starting point of true love, true life and true lineage. Through the ancestral family, he was to connect all of humanity in the world as One Family Under God, going beyond the boundaries of race, religions, nationalities.”

What does the advent of True Parents and True Family signify?

Concerning “True Parents and True Family”, your elder brother answered, “It means that God’s original ideal can be substantiated on the earth as well as in heaven for the first time in human history. In other words, a new dawn has broken in human history by establishing the precedent of the new age through substantiating God’s original ideal of creation, centering on true love, true life and true lineage. Thus, True Father declared the starting of The Age after the coming of Heaven. He declared the beginning of a new peaceful age centering on God’s ideal family as well as the end of the era in human history with constant conflicts and struggles.”

What is the responsibility of Blessed Central Families in this time?

Lastly, concerning “blessed central families”, your elder brother said, “Through the first generation blessing, blessed central families are engrafted to true lineage and become God’s sons and daughters as members of the extended true family. But it is not the end or a ticket to heaven but is a new beginning. Through the daily practice of true love, you have the mission to fulfill your responsibility to substantiate the original true family ideal within your own family. By doing so, a true life is substantiated and the true lineage can be protected. God would like you to have ownership over His ideal and is expecting you to fulfill the co-responsibility with true family in substantiating the ideal. “

Furthermore, your elder brother said, “God does not just want you to be faithful and obedient servants who only wait for direction. But He would like to see you as filial sons and daughters. God would like to not only share His heart, but also manifest a true understanding of the Principle of Creation and the original values, by His children having ownership over His ideal. . . I would like all the blessed central families to understand that what you inherit as a member of the extended true family is what I explained.”

I sincerely ask Hyung Jin Nim to answer whether you agree or disagree with your elder brother, as well as to present your own opinions on these questions if your thoughts are different.


September 20th 2015



(Originally Written in Japanese)

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