Open Letter to the Worldwide Unification Community (2011) from Hyun Jin Moon

Hyun Jin Moon November 26, 2011

This is a letter from Hyun Jin Nim to the Unification community.

To the Unification community worldwide: After long consideration and much forbearance, I have decided that I must now share my thoughts and concerns about God’s providence and the current state of the Unification movement with the Blessed Central Families (BCF) and members of our faith community.

This historic era is ripe with unprecedented opportunities to advance God’s providence. It represents an age of renewal and rebirth that comes with the promise of spring. We, as a movement, have endured the severity of winter’s stinging persecution throughout our course in the wilderness. Yet, as we enter this Age after the Coming of Heaven, the providence should be reaping the bounty of our sacrifices sown during the Age of Restoration through Indemnity. This is a time of harvest that should vindicate our movement and confirm our convictions and vision for building the substantial Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Nevertheless, we face profound challenges to bridge the gap between the present situation, both of internal circumstances and the larger external environment, and Heaven’s expectations for this age.

As many of you are aware, throughout my public mission, I have tried to guide our Blessed Central Families according to the principles and values exemplified in Father’s life and teaching, as well as to clarify the direction and goal of God’s providence. I have shared with many of you that you stand as “members of the extended True Family” and that the fulfillment of your five percent responsibility lies with you substantiating the true family ideal of true love, life and lineage. As your elder brother, I see it as my responsibility to guide our larger community and keep it together, especially when internal and external misunderstandings about my family and our movement arise.

Today, however, leaders of important organizations within our movement have actively thrust internal disputes and dynamics within True Family into the awareness of our Blessed Family communities and the general public. They have targeted me, my family and those who work with me, resorting to deliberate distortions and blatant lies. They have characterized me and those who work with me in a manner that is unbecoming of those who claim to represent the will of Heaven. They seem intent on disrupting every organization and project that I am guiding, no matter what the consequences. Their intention, of course, is to harm me and the work I am doing, but, in fact, the most significant damage done has been to our movement, to the ideal of True Parents and True Family, and most importantly, to Father’s legacy.

These leaders have criticized me, claiming to understand and evaluate my relationship with and love for my father. They even go so far as to insinuate that I have betrayed or abandoned Father. Clearly, I have disagreements with them about the direction they are pursuing, as well as the culture they are promoting through their heavy-handed tactics. That is because they have veered from the providential path Father has set throughout his life, and have distorted the principles and values upon which our movement was founded. So let me make one point absolutely clear: I am my father’s son and I am absolutely committed to the ideals and principles to which he has committed his life. Nothing can ever change that. No matter what may transpire, the eternal bonds of blood lineage can never be dissolved or broken.

Given the concerted attacks on me and the organizations I am leading, I am sure many of you have wondered whether these accusations were true, or if they were not, why I have remained silent up until now. People close to me advised that I should emphatically deny and then rebut these blatant mischaracterizations and accusations. My response to them was: “to what effect?” Those behind these accusations were my own family members and leaders of organizations within our movement. Even though I had no desire to engage them on such matters at any level, they were bent on confrontation. It was a dilemma. There were no good options. So, as an elder brother, I chose to remain silent to protect the dignity of my parents and take responsibility for my family and the situation of our movement.

However, after three years of relentless attacks, including character assassination tours, paid media smear campaigns, organized demonstrations, and litigation, it is fair to say that our internal issues have been spread into the public sphere and are now general knowledge. I know that many of you, Blessed Central Families, are probably unaware of the extent to which disputes within our faith community have been aired in public, since many of you only hear the propaganda from these leaders in the movement. But in Korea, where the major efforts to destroy me have been primarily staged, most Koreans, and especially the Ambassadors for Peace, are aware of and disgusted by the perspectives and tactics of the leaders of various church organizations within our movement. Unlike our members, who have been conditioned “to absolutely unite with your central figure” (a condition set during the Age of Restoration through Indemnity), most outside of our movement see things more clearly and, thus, have been offended by the self-serving and irresponsible behavior of these leaders.

Up until the end of 2008, through the Ambassador for Peace initiatives, the expansion of UPF and the Global Peace Festivals, our movement received growing recognition in influential circles around the world and, especially, in Korea. The vision of “One Family under God” captured the aspirations of all people of faith to reach outside the box of their religion, as well as other barriers, and participate in building a world of peace. For the first time, the larger society not only recognized our efforts but wanted to participate in ways many of you could not imagine. As you are probably aware, I was driving this process with the clear support of my father. We were at the forefront of the providence, unabashedly proclaiming God’s dream for humanity and uplifting the principles and values we cherish so dearly. In other words, there were no “hidden agendas” or “ulterior motives” but absolute alignment between our stated goals and activities.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, this all changed. I am not going to elaborate here on why that happened, but what is important for all our Blessed Central Families and all Unification movement members to understand is that there was a course change brought about by the current leadership of organizations within our movement. Instead of carrying on the legacy of building a broad interfaith movement which put God’s providence as the clear goal of all its activities, they chose to head in the diametrically opposite direction of building a self-serving church or new religion with control over our movement’s foundations as its clear operating objective. What would happen to God’s providence? What about the messianic mission and the substantial role of True Family? What about our Blessed Central Families’ responsibilities as Abel to the larger Cain-type world? What about the Ambassadors for Peace who joined with us because of our providential orientation to substantiate peace beyond religious divides through the vision of “One Family under God?” These leaders did not care, nor do they comprehend the magnitude of their misguided ambitions.

Therefore, I am sure, for those thoughtful and sincere members who truly care for the True Family and our movement, it must be clear why I chose to walk the path that I am currently taking. From my perspective, I had no choice. Fate had dealt me a hand and I had to accept and digest it in a manner befitting of an elder son. For, what is the role of an elder son who carries the responsibilities and authority of his father? To come to a satisfactory answer, you must first understand what has motivated Father to this day.

Beyond the titles and proclamations, Father, as restored Adam who victoriously set the conditions to reverse the failure of the first Adam, has committed himself body and soul to liberate God’s heart by realizing His unfulfilled Will rooted in the Principle of Creation. More than anything else, you must know that this has always been his driving motivation. By doing so, Father has set a new precedent of filial piety to God, as a holy son, through his unyielding ownership and obedience to His Will, for all of us to emulate. Likewise, as an elder son, I am deeply committed to honor my father’s legacy by owning the providence and carrying on the tradition of absolute faith, love and obedience to God’s Will in realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth through the substantiation of the true family ideal.

Throughout my life, I have done my best to own the providence and to internalize the essence of my father’s teaching. I have always believed that God desires us to realize His providence by making it our own, thus allowing us to be co-creators in substantiating His Will on earth. As a result, as I accepted more and more public responsibility over the years, I had to decide and determine to make these missions and providential responsibilities my own. I took ownership and encouraged others to do the same. My commitment to the providence is based upon my own promise and commitment to God, and has nothing to do with acknowledgements, position or titles in any organization or church. Without understanding this perspective, many of you will not recognize the distortions that you have heard about me.

The most absurd assertion is that I am being manipulated by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and his family. The logic given for this assertion is so blatantly ridiculous that I am shocked that anyone would accept and believe such nonsense. Some movement-related officials characterize me as being an arrogant individual who stubbornly refuses to subordinate himself to the will of True Parents, especially Father. If these characterizations were true, how could those same officials also claim that such a person could be unduly influenced by the Kwak family? The fact that they don’t recognize the contradictions in their own logic suggests how ludicrous their current position is. A simple explanation for this strategic shift of targeting the Kwak family is that their attacks on a member of True Family created a negative backlash from our BCF community and, therefore, they needed a new target to justify their continuing attempts to seize control of the organizations that I lead.

If you are a Blessed Central Family of any standing, you must know that God’s original purpose of creation was to create a God-centered family that could expand His love, life and lineage upon the earth. As Father explains, God would be the center of such a family where He could relate with each person in that family as His son or daughter beyond generational divides, living as One Family under God. That is why Father has emphasized through his Peace Messages, especially the first message entitled “God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of a Peaceful Ideal World,” that the most fundamental relationship between God and humanity is the parent -child relationship. Because this original ideal was not fulfilled at the beginning of human history, the goal of God’s providence – to fulfill that original purpose of creation –remains unchanged.

The essence of the True Family ideal is best conveyed in Father’s own words from Peace Message #1:

“What does an ideal family look like? First, each person in the family is an owner of true love. When God first created human beings, He made Adam representing all men, and Eve representing all women, with the intention that they become owners of true love. The quickest way for them to cultivate a character of true love was to secure a parent-child relationship with God, whereby they could live attending God as their Father. They were to have followed the path of living as one family with God.”

The Source, Origin and Owner of the created cosmos is God. Likewise the Source, Origin and Owner of the providence is God, not any organization, institution, or individual. Father took on the mission to bring that providence to fruition – to realize the true family ideal and extend it to all humanity in heaven and earth. From the viewpoint of God’s providence, that is the messianic mission and has been Father’s lifelong conviction and work. He has established many organizational vehicles to pursue that purpose, but each of those organizations has been a means to an end, and not the end itself. If you understand this fundamental point, then you would know clearly that Father’s mission was never to establish a religious organization or denomination but, instead, to fulfill God’s original purpose of creation.

Yet, our movement today has become focused on building a religious institution, promoting the “Unification Church” as the culmination and fullest expression of God’s providential desire and therefore Father’s legacy. This approach contradicts Father’s consistent teaching throughout his life and recorded in the more than 500 volumes of his public speeches. From the announcement of the end of the era of the Unification Church and the beginning of the peace federation organizations and then the massive Blessing celebrations during the 1990s through the early part of the new millennium, to the creation of the Ambassador for Peace initiative, Father consistently led our movement to strip itself of its old UC baggage and lead the world to peace through the realization of the true family ideal.

The position of these current leaders becomes even more untenable when one considers that Father is the one who called on faith leaders to move beyond the barriers of religion, emphasizing that barriers and divisions have been Satan’s trick to keep humanity ignorant of the Will of God. Throughout his Peace Messages, Father warns that “there can be no perfection in ignorance.” Therefore, I am deeply concerned with the confusion in our movement which is being directly fed by certain leaders, who are sullying the pulpit with divisive misinformation that is leading to the abandonment of God’s providence and our cherished principles and values. Thus, today, I have no choice, as an elder brother, but to address these issues and properly educate and guide our Blessed Central Families so that you can set the right precedent as members of the extended True Family and the sons and daughters of God and True Parents.

I want to make it clear that I do not consider that the current leaders of FFWPU, HSA-UWC (USA), UCJ, and some other organizations are correctly aligned with God’s providence and properly express Father’s legacy. Therefore, my current work through the Global Peace Festival Foundation, that supports God’s providential objectives and my father’s legacy, has no direct connection to these organizations. Nevertheless, I will always affirm and live by Father’s essential teachings rooted in the ideal family. I am confident that, in the end, my accomplishments will stand as the “good fruits” of my father’s life work, and will lead God’s providence to realize the dream of “One Family under God.”

To all our Blessed Central Families, I want to remind you that Father has always exhorted us to become the “owners” of true love since this is the key to open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven through the creation of true families. This should be the standard that you use to determine your qualifications as a Blessed Central Family. However, the current culture being promoted within the Unification movement emphasizes absolute blind obedience in line with the master-servant paradigm as the highest expression of faith. In addition, rather than cultivating the principle of true love by “living for the sake of others,” those promoting this culture intimidate members, assassinate the character of elders who do not align with their agenda and, more egregiously, attack and alienate Father’s own son. Such standards will not lead to the manifestation of the true family ideal based upon a culture of true love that uplifts both subject and object partners, but rather to an oppressive culture built on the master-servant relationship.

You must realize that these are truly the Last Days, when an old era ends and a new age emerges. That is the meaning behind this Age after the Coming of Heaven. You were all made aware that such a time would come through the Settlement Age that defined our movement’s efforts from the mid 1990’s to the announcement of the Age after the Coming of Heaven in 2004. I came to recognize through many experiences since I began my public mission in 1998 that, despite the sincere dedication and investment of many earnest members, the Unification movement had significant limitations that had to be addressed in order to meet the demands of God’s providence. That is why during 2000-2004, I toured the world to encourage our members to strip ourselves of the baggage from the Age of Restoration through Indemnity in preparation for the Age of Settlement. In addition, in response to Father’s urgent plea to properly educate our leaders, I organized special 21-day workshops for all leaders under the age of 48, teaching them about the true meaning of Abel’s role, responsibilities and leadership, in order to wean our leaders away from our existing leadership culture.

From my vantage point, the most critical problem has been, and still is, the leadership culture of our movement. Rather than becoming true owners aligned with God’s providence who uphold the Principle and the value system of true love, key leaders have often promoted their own personal agendas by obtaining endorsements from Father, advancing these agendas at times through distorted and even blatantly false reports that have significantly harmed our blessed families, our larger Unification movement, and especially Father’s reputation. That culture has created amoral political operatives instead of true leaders who exhibit a culture of true love and servant leadership. At the end of the day, leaders are accountable for their own actions and, therefore, must be guided by clear absolute principles and values which cannot be modified for self-serving reasons. Such a leader who acts as a political opportunist is, by definition, amoral and has forfeited all moral authority. Therefore, I have always believed that before God, True Parents, True Family and all humanity, leaders cannot and should not shirk their responsibility by claiming they were “following directions,” but should always remain faithful to the voice of their conscience in alignment with divine providence.

As Blessed Central Families, you must be an owner of God’s Will and, therefore, be thoughtfully engaged in making personal and collective decisions which correctly reflect our principles and values, as well as being aligned with the direction of providence in our lives, our families and our organizations. If you are a leader, then, your responsibilities are greater and you stand more accountable for what you do and say.

In Peace Message #1, Father, in his own words, captures the aspirations of all Blessed Families in saying that:

“…to resemble God, the original Being of true love, we should become the owners of true love. We should embody true love and practice it in order to develop our character. This is the way each of us can become true parents. What is the life of true love? True love is the spirit of public service. It brings the peace that is at the root of happiness.”

In contrast to the ideals of true love, Father compares it with false love,

“Selfish love is a mask that desires to have one’s partner exist for one’s own sake; true love is free from that corruption. Rather, its essence is to give, live for the sake of others and for the sake of the whole. True love gives, forgets that it has given and continues to give without ceasing.”

In order to understand me, one has to internalize these words of my father. What our movement needs to know is that my entire public course, starting with the rebuilding of World CARP and the 21-day workshops during the beginning of the new millennium, was to challenge and change this false leadership culture. For former CARP, STF members and Second Generation who have received my education, you will recall how much emphasis I put on creating the Culture of Heart where the principles and values rooted in true love would set a new paradigm of leadership for our movement. I know that initially many first generation parents misunderstood what I was doing, due to the efforts of some to distort my initiatives, but those who came in contact directly with what I advocated became owners of this new paradigm and are still supporting me in my work.

Nevertheless, there have always been those leaders who resisted change. They thrived under the current system and looked at what I was doing as a direct threat to their survival and influence. They had the arrogance to push their own agendas and perspectives while making it look like deference to Father. They shared the opinion with some members of my family that the Unification movement belongs to Father and therefore the assets, both human and capital, belong to the Moon family. They believed that if they supported this perspective they would be rewarded by those in my family they had aided. Yet, those who think in this manner will ultimately discover that they are grievously mistaken, and I can only pray for them.

For as long as I can remember, Father has continuously emphasized to me, as well as my family, that our movement and its assets never belonged to him or our family but belonged to God and His providence. When I started my public mission, this perspective guided my stewardship over all the organizations that I led or influenced and was the primary instruction which led me to challenge the leadership paradigm of our movement. To this day, I have not changed. That is exactly why I continue to guide the organizations I lead to properly align with God’s providence and, at the same time, the reason why I have continued to oppose the efforts to seize control of the organizations that I lead. To do otherwise would be to fail in my providential responsibility.

Yet, every day, I feel the urgency of God’s providential timetable as Father’s own public commitment to establish a culture that recognizes God’s sovereignty on a national level by early 2013 is just around the corner. I cannot help but lament about the time lost due to the current confusion in our movement. Yet, I am undeterred from fulfilling my providential responsibilities by setting the proper precedent in realizing the ideal of true family, regardless of the obstacles I encounter. As a result, it is important for our Blessed Central Families to understand that I am not disconnecting from my heritage, my family, or my faith community as I continue on my path. In fact, I am protecting that very heritage from those who are likely to destroy it.

Let me make it clear that the destination of God’s providence is the fulfillment of the true family ideal and the realization of the dream to create One Family under God. In his Peace Messages, Father explains that in the model ideal family, parents are to bequeath true love, life and lineage to their sons and daughters. He also explains that the standard and tradition for such a family must be secured across three generations of parents, children, and grandchildren. Thus, realizing the true family ideal cannot be achieved by parents alone. All members of that family must ultimately fulfill their own unique portions of responsibility in alignment to the Will of God.

This understanding is all the more important in this Age after the Coming of Heaven. As Father explained during the opening of the Cheon Jung Goong Peace Palace, unlike the age of Restoration through Indemnity when God and Father took responsibility for all our Blessed Families, this age represents an era when the sons and daughters of God and True Parents can rightfully earn their places as proper citizens of Chun Il Guk by upholding the standards of Heaven. In other words, this is a time when sons and daughters should receive their inheritance from God and their parents. What should that inheritance be? Is it position? Is it money or assets? Is it power and authority? What is it? Well, there are some who claim that they are the heir, and others who claim that they control all the assets of our movement, and still others who shamefully exhibit the power and control they have over our members. Do you think that this is the standard of Heaven and what we, as sons and daughters, should be inheriting? Or, do you think it is something else that we should be inheriting?

This is a question that has lingered throughout our movement for many years and, due to our current confusion, has risen to become a core issue, once again, in understanding our identity and responsibilities as Blessed Central Families. In 2000, I toured the world visiting our BCF communities with the theme of “Inheritance and Development.” I challenged our members by asking them “what is Father’s legacy?” Some said the founder of the Unification Church, the Family Federation for World Peace, etc. I told them that while Father did found those organizations what they failed to see was the providential motivation behind his efforts. As I mentioned above, organizations and projects are a means to an end and not an end in themselves. What then is the end? It is God’s providence to fulfill the Principle of Creation.

This revelation, although seemingly so simple, clear and obvious, was overlooked by many of our members and leaders back then, and is still being overlooked today. We must remember that in our view the messianic mission is to fulfill the purpose of Creation–the establishment and settlement of the true family ideal—which was unfulfilled by humanity’s first ancestors. From a Principle perspective, restored Adam initiates and guides that process, but he cannot establish the True Family alone. He needs a family that cooperates with him to fulfill God’s expectations of an ideal family and build the “Kingdom of a Peaceful Ideal World.”

Therefore, each member of that family must become an individual truth body who accepts, owns and fulfills his or her portion of responsibility in alignment to the expectation of God’s providence. This process cannot be manipulated or brought about by force or threats, but has to happen through a natural subordination to God’s Will by fulfilling one’s own five percent responsibility. In this context, I am clear about my personal responsibilities and the example that I must set as an elder son, and you can trust that I will fulfill my own portion of responsibility. Do you, however, know your portion of responsibility as a Blessed Central Family?

Throughout this statement, I have continuously reminded you that you, as Blessed Central Families, stand as members of the “extended True Family.” There is a reason why I have consciously done that. It is because you have a pivotal role in substantiating the ideal of true family, as do the rest of my family members. Do not think that when I refer to the True Family I am referring to my siblings and relatives. We should not be that arrogant! The expectations for the True Family existed before human creation and those expectations have not changed. We can rise to fulfill those expectations and earn the honor of that distinction but that depends wholeheartedly on us, or in the case of our BCF community, on you. Ultimately, a world of true love and lasting peace – one that truly fulfills God’s dream of One Family under God – is only possible on the foundation of model ideal families. Therefore we are all responsible for inheriting, internalizing and substantiating the proper standards and tradition of God’s ideal families.

Whether you realize it or not, as Blessed Central Families, you must establish the proper precedent for this age –the “Age after the Coming of Heaven”—of true love, life and lineage if you are to earn the right of that distinction. Do not think that the “Unification Church,” its leaders or any individual can determine or deny you of your qualification as a Blessed Central Family. That distinction falls directly upon your shoulders and is measured by your efforts and good deeds in alignment with the Will of Heaven. Do not be coerced, manipulated or threatened to do something that will violate your conscience and the principles and values of our movement.

You should never forget your identity as a member of God’s extended True Family. At a time when our movement should be providing a vision to this troubled world by substantiating and spreading the true family ideal of true love, life and lineage, its focus has turned instead to building a religious institution with simple blind obedience as its highest ethic. While our faith community should be united manifesting the highest spiritual ideal of “living for the sake of others,” it is instead divided due to a self-serving, amoral political environment that promotes hate, mistrust and fear. These are symptoms of a movement that has lost its way and is more concerned with power and control than with the principles and values that it professes and the vision that had guided it from its conception.

Today, some of the church organizations in our movement have abandoned God’s providence, the Principle and our values. If we see ourselves as a larger “extended family,” the leaders of these organizations have violated the sacred trust that holds a family together through their self-serving heavy-handed tactics. They came before Father and you, and justified their actions with deliberate lies and distortions, creating a wedge between me and my father, and the rest of you. I know that many of you pray for the day that I can meet with my father and bring an end to this disgraceful chapter in our movement’s history. I, too, pray and yearn for that day when I can once again embrace my father and share our hearts as we used to in the past.

Yet, in order for that to happen, you, as extended family members, need to help open the way for such a meeting. You should not naively believe that it will be easy, especially after years of blatant lies and distortions through the character-assassination tours conducted by these organizations. You should also be aware that, although the leaders of these organizations make the claim that they want me to return, that is the last thing they want. Having crossed the lines of decency, those leaders will see my return as a serious threat to their regime. As a result, they will do everything to “poison” the meeting for the sake of their negative propaganda campaign. As long as you remain as obedient servants who blindly accept everything that is told to you, instead of sons and daughters (brothers and sisters) who feel a deep sense of responsibility for the current crisis in our movement, it becomes that much harder for me to have a genuine, unadulterated meeting with my father; and, thus, it becomes that much harder for that meeting to happen. Nevertheless, I still yearn for the day I can meet with my father, and all of you, once again.

Dear members and Blessed Central Families of the Unification movement, in conclusion, you should know that these are the Last Days and a time of judgment when the proverbial separation of sheep and goats will occur. As I mentioned in the opening, this is also an age of great promise as a new era dawns. God, as our vertical True Parent, longs to embrace all human beings with the heart of a parent through ideal families embodying true love, life and lineage. Thus, the true family ideal is a universal aspiration that reaches beyond any particular religion or culture, including the “Unification Church,” and should touch all of humanity in both Heaven and Earth. Ultimately, God’s heart should be liberated as He is able to reunite with His children and lay the foundation for a peaceful ideal world.

For this reason, I will continue to expand my work with the Global Peace Festival Foundation. It is substantially applying the vision of One Family under God, making concrete impact in interfaith partnerships, strengthening families, and promoting a culture of service. Around the world, each time GPFF undertakes a project, real and remarkable results are achieved. Based upon universal spiritual principles and shared values, GPFF builds partnerships and works collaboratively in a genuinely interreligious way. It is not a ministry or affiliate of any particular religious organization. As we do this great work, I am always moved to discover again and again that God has prepared and inspired so many people and organizations who resonate with the dream of One Family under God.

I have made my determination. I will fulfill my commitment to God’s providence. What about you? If you feel that God has been guiding your life, I urge you to pray earnestly and ask God what He expects of you. Did He guide you all this way so that you could become a perfectly obedient servant? Or does He long to embrace you as His son or daughter?

When you feel God’s heart, you cannot sit still. God’s providence is calling each of you to stand, take responsibility, and become true owners of His dream to build “One Family under God.” Seize the moment to “lead” in an age of confusion and set the proper precedent of Blessed Central Families as “members of God’s extended True Family” rooted in true love, life and lineage. The choice is yours and yours alone to make. Become the spiritually mature sons and daughters that God can call upon in this Age after the Coming of Heaven and lead this troubled world to peace and the substantial fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

May God bless you and acknowledge your families.

Hyun Jin Moon

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