Letter to my fellow CARP leaders – by Shunsuke Yoshioka

I believe all of you have heard about my dismissal through President M’s message posted on the Cybozu [note: a web-based groupware] the other day.

I do not have any attachment to the position of bloc leader at all, but the reasons for my dismissal were something I cannot accept.

The reasons for my dismissal are summarized below:


 My action of having participated in Hyun Jin Nim’s convention is against True Parents’ will.

 It is an action of having left the position of a CARP leader.

 It is an action which would bring confusion to the staff and the students.

 True Father gave the guidance, “You must not follow a True Child who left True Parents.”


These reasons are totally unacceptable to me.

For the past few years, President M and I, together with the Secretary General, have been spending many days and nights in heated discussion for hours to figure out whether True Mother, who advocates the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory, is one with True Father or not. Even though this has been the central point of our discussion, his message ignores this most important point. That is the reason why I cannot accept these reasons.

Mr. M, based on True Father’s words spoken earlier, claims that we should not participate in Hyun Jin Nim’s activities because he left the bosom of True Father, and instead we must support True Mother.

However, Father also gave us the following words:

 True Father pointed out the fact that True Mother was doubting True Father’s lineage and he said that was the challenge (the 38th parallel) which True Mother must overcome.

“You try and ask Mother, why do you live so carelessly. Mother must go beyond the 38th parallel. You have your way to go and I have mine to go? Try and go your way! Now divided. If there is 1 percent, or even zero point few percent difference, there will be a division. You must go into the gate of Heaven together. … She asks me, ‘Have you inherited the fallen lineage or pure lineage?’ Do you dare to ask such a question? A person who cannot even properly interpret the Divine Principle… how can such a person dare to ask me whether I am of pure lineage or not? Because I knew this, I told her not to come here. Not to go there… because I know it will get ugly. What? whether my lineage is pure or not? whether I stained the lineage or not?” (2/28/2009, Sermons of Rev. Moon, vol. 608, page 303)


 True Father, about fifty days before his seonghwa, said that True Mother was doing things as she wished and that there was no True Mother.

“I have been raising Omoni. There is no Omoni. There is no position of the wife of President Moon. She is doing things as she wishes! As she wishes, eh.” (7/16/2012, Founding Rally of the Abel Women UN)


 True Father taught True Mother that she should not speak words which are different from Father’s words.

“There is only one tradition! Centering on True Father! You should not be influenced by any stories by any other people. You should not follow any direction other than Father’s teachings and the words of Father’s Divine Principle. Now I raised True Mother centered on Father. When I go to spirit world, you must absolutely become one centered on True Mother.

True Mother must walk her course centered on Father’s words and the Sermons. I forbid her to speak the words other than that. This time I gave direction in Korea to absolutely be centered on Father’s words. In any cases, I forbid any other words to be spoken!” (12/24/1994)


These words should provide enough foundation for us to consider that True Mother, who claims the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory, might be going a wrong way from her responsibility as True Mother which God expects.

As long as we have Father’s words as quoted above, I believe it is my most proper and important duty as a CARP bloc leader to be concerned about her “Only Begotten Daughter” theory and her “Christmas remarks”.

Some of you may have doubt about the factuality of True Mother’s “Christmas remarks”. The following are the quotes from what the lecturer Kim Jin-choon presented just last month at the International Academic Conference at the Hyo Jeong Academic Center.

“As True Mother emphasizes, now the time has come to reveal the real truth.”

  • True Father was not born in God’s lineage, but from the fallen lineage. Therefore, he needs to be engrafted. (Document, page 243)
  • True Father succeeded the position of the Only Begotten Son by inheriting the Messiah’s mission from Jesus, and began to possess Heaven’s lineage which Satan cannot accuse. (Document, page 240)
  • Since True Mother was born in Heaven’s lineage, she was born in the position of the Only Begotten Daughter who does not have the original sin. (Document, page 248)
  • True Father became the True Parent, who is the original perfected human being, by performing the Marriage of the Lamb in 1960 after having met True Mother who had been prepared by God. (Document, page 248)


I believe it is impossible for such an important content to be presented at such an important international academic conference without True Mother’s approval. Therefore, I believe this content which is almost identical to her “Christmas remarks” must represent her belief without doubt.

About a year and a half ago, I submitted “My proposal to overcome the division in the Unification Movement” to President M with very serious concern. The conclusions of that proposal were the following three points:


  1. I request that we should set up an occasion for a democratic debate to overcome this division within the CARP structure.
  2. I propose “freedom of speech” on this issue at least in the levels higher than the bloc staffs.
  3. Enable safe submission of what is discussed to Korea HQ of FFWPU and Japan HQ as our proposal.


As a result, this proposal was not accepted even partially and was left unanswered. Until now, we were unable to create a positive move to overcome the division in the Unification Movement.

Why is it a problem for CARP bloc staffs or those above, who understand Father’s words well enough, to discuss together based on Father’s words?

Furthermore, although I submitted my questions to Japan Church HQ four times, I received their final response verbally through President M, saying, “We cannot answer the questions.”

I did go to the Philippines and did participate in Hyun Jin Nim’s conferences. However, I completed my work to be done as a bloc leader earlier before going there, and I also continued my necessary communication by telephone while I stayed there.

And besides that, Hyun Jin Nim’s work, in fact, is neither hurting True Mother, nor is it attacking the Family Federation, but is only advancing  world peace, which is the purpose of God’s will. And what is more, True Father’s fame has even been further uplifted by the work of Hyun Jin Nim.

It is therefore extremely unreasonable to dismiss me for attending the conference.

I wrote a statement while I was at the Manila Airport and sent it to you all, and right after I arrived at Narita Airport five hours later, I went to meet President M to talk. I also talked with  Secretary General Y when he came to Sendai. On those occasions I again asked them what they were thinking about the UCI court case and the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory. Regarding the UCI court case, both of them said they don’t know the detail, and in regards to the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory, they gave me an unclear answer, “I don’t want to judge whether it is right or not right. I believe my responsibility is to believe in True Mother.”

Even though they do not have conviction about whether it is right or wrong for the Family Federation to continue with the UCI court case, or to support the “Only Begotten Daughter” theory, they find it easy to dismiss me from my mission (not a wage reduction or suspension) just because of doing things which are “contrary to the policy of the Family Federation”. How does this make sense?

I do not accept the dismissal, not because I don’t like the idea of myself being fired, but only because I believe this kind of organizational culture is greatly hindering the fulfilment of God’s providence. It is a culture  that fails to seriously seek God’s providence and the truth, and tries to hide the actual truth by dismissing or excommunicating those who dare to speak against the direction, irrespective of whether that direction is right or wrong, For FFWPU, “truth” is what the organization has decided to select as such.

I do not accept this dismissal because it follows the  same bad culture that is enabling and prolonging the division in the Unification Movement.

If President M still forcefully executes the dismissal, then I will have to prayerfully consider my next course of action.



Shunsuke Yoshioka


「希望の日」はいつ到来するのか!  HOPE    http://blog.goo.ne.jp/day_of_hope/


カープリーダーのメッセージ(2) 共に歩むCARPリーダーの皆さんへ(2) -私の免職処分を通達した〇〇会長のメッセージに関して-




CARP北日本ブロック長 芳岡隼介さんが表した明(2)」を複数の方たちからいただきました。















CARP北日本ブロック長 芳岡隼介




● 顯進様の大会に参加した私の行動が、真の父母様の願いに反するものである。
● CARPの責任者という位置を離れた行動である。
● スタッフや学生に混乱をもたらす行為である。
● お父様は「真の父母から離れた真の子女について行ってはいけない」と指導して下さった。




● お父様は、お母様がお父様の血統を疑っていることを、真の父母の分裂であり、越えるべき試練(38度線)として指摘された。

● お父様は、聖和される50日ほど前に、お母様が自分勝手にやって、真の母が不在であると語られた。

● お父様は、お母様に対して、第二のみ言を語ってはならないと教育された。
「伝統はただ一つ! 真のお父様を中心として! 他の誰かの、どんな話にも影響されてはいけません。先生が教えた御言と先生の原理の御言以外には、どんな話にも従ってはならないのです。今、先生を中心として、お母様を立てました。先生が霊界に行ったならば、 お母様を絶対中心として、絶対的に一つにならなければなりません。







1、 CARP内に、この分裂を克服するための民主的な議論の場を設けて欲しい。
2、 CARP内で、少なくともブロックスタッフ以上のレベルにおいてこの問題に関する「言論の自由」を提案する。
3、 議論した内容を意見として韓国家庭連合本部や松濤本部に提出できるようにして欲しい。















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