Jung Sung and Relationship with God

We offer Jung Sung in order to build our relationship with Heavenly Father, so you can become true filial sons and daughters. Was Moses just playing around in the mountains when he went up to receive the 10 commandments? It was not easy. Going into nature provides this opportunity to sincerely connect with God because it is there that you will be treated without bias. In nature you are your truest self. The most important thing you can do is to build and grow your relationship with God. In this way, you develop a deeper understanding of His Love, True Love, and that enables you to make His dream of a peaceful world a reality.

Who should be the center of your jung sung? Should it be the people you are trying to impress? Who should be the center? God.

God teaches you through your life. If you understand the challenges one might face, those are lessons Heavenly Father is trying to instruct. Your most essential lessons are through your life. It is through experience-based education that God provides us with insights to understand His principles and values.

Satan comes through arrogance and self pity. Do you think some people of faith can become arrogant? In order to reach a new level in your relationship with God, it takes humility. You cannot fake genuine jung sung. 

Some people may think Father’s goals were too ambitious. Were Father’s dreams too big or were we the problem? Anything is possible when Heaven is moved. 

Jung sung is about self-sacrifice so that satan has no condition to hinder God’s will. Humans have the ability to offer tremendous victory to God. At times you may be so exhausted. You may want to go home early and rest and be with my family. But you put all that aside to offer jung sung. That’s servant leadership. You offer sacrifices of true love for the sake of the greater good. Great things can happen if you just do your 5%.

-contributed by MM


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