Is it true that Hyun Jin Nim doesn’t bow down to God and True Parents?

Question: I heard that Hyun Jin Nim thinks himself to be the messiah and that he doesn’t bow down to God and True Parents anymore. Some people say it’s just a rumor. What gives?

Short answer: No, Hyun Jin Nim doesn’t think he’s the messiah. And, yes, he does bow down to God and True Parents. Unfortunately, some church leaders have been officially spreading the rumor that Hyun Jin Nim doesn’t bow and that he thinks himself to be the messiah.

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Long answer:


One funny but sad incident happened in Paraguay. HJN came to Paraguay in June, 2010. During his stay HJN regularly had Hoon Dok Hae (HDH) at the hotel with anyone that wanted to participate. As the HDH was starting on the first day, the MC said in Spanish “Vamos a inclinarnos en frente de Dios… (Let us bow in front of God), Kyung-bae.” And the people bowed. In the heat of the moment, the MC forgot to mention “Bow to God and True Parents”. Since the MC spoke in Spanish there was no way for HJN to know what had just happened and he bowed as usual. Someone in the audience did utter “… y los Padres Verdaderos… (… and True Parents…)” at the last second.
A normal person might say, “Oh, that’s just a mistake”, shrug it off and let it slide.

But it was too late. The church leaders took advantage of the MC’s mistake. Somebody in the audience reported the mishap to his church superiors. Without verifying, without checking the HDH videos or pictures, without listening to a word HJN had said during the HDH, two Korean leaders reported to members in Latin America of HJN’s insolence.

This is what the Korean BBW (Rev. Heung Tae Kim of Brazil) wrote in a report together with Rev. Shin to Brazilian members on June 7, 2010:

… Hyun Jin Nim in Paraguay ordered them to take down True Parents picture and did his bows directly to God, thus showing that he does not need True Parents because he already has 41 years of age and he thinks he is in the state of perfection and his sermons are not centered on True Parents. He always takes an excerpt of TP’s Peace messages and the rest is focused on himself. This is heresy…” [Translated from original]

That is what was reported to our members and to True Parents about their son. The report was given in person by Rev. Kim to members in Brazil and then sent out by email using the church’s communication channels.
But the opposite is the truth:

1) True Parents’ picture was never “taken down”. It is present in every HDH and meeting he does. I had the chance to translate for Hyun Jin Nim during his time in Paraguay. True Parents picture was there the whole time and it’s always front and center wherever he goes. When he has meetings with top VIPs in the hotel room, the picture of True Parents is there and he usually gives a brief testimony of them before beginning with business.

2) Bowed to God only because the MC forgot to mention “… and True Parents”. But the MC spoke in Spanish, there was no way for HJN to know what was said. If one looks at the videos of any HDH that HJN has been in, it’s obvious that he always bows to God and True Parents. That was the one and only time the MC made a mistake in a language foreign to HJN.

3) HJN never said that him being 41 years of age means he doesn’t need True Parents.

4) HJN never said he’s “perfect”.

5) His “sermons” mostly tend to be focused on True Parents.

6) How is reading TP’s words and giving commentary considered “heresy”?

Perhaps you might understand why it’s hard for some to believe church leaders when they say they are sincerely trying to bring HJN “back to True Parents”…  If only they weren’t blatantly looking for ways to distance HJN and TP by tainting their son’s image, then one might even try to believe them. However, this type of situation repeating itself leads to a state of becoming “jaded” and mistrustful towards the church leadership.

The final disturbing point is that the church will not admit wrongdoing; it will not yield one inch. Nobody has chastised the leaders who send out false reports. At least Hyung Jin Nim, as the international president, should keep an eye out for statements that blotch the image of the True Family.

There was no effort to clarify this false rumor by part of the responsible church officials (Rev. Dongmo Shin and Rev. Heung Tae Kim). They just let the members believe that this is true. Now, why would any member in his right mind want to support someone like HJN if he acts like they claim? Nobody would. And that’s exactly what they’re aiming for. Otherwise, they would publicly clarify their mistake.

So, yes, I have no doubt that there is a systematic campaign within the Church to make him look bad and that this campaign has been going on for quite a while. The more they find things that are wrong with HJN, the more they can justify their position. They need HJN to be the bad, evil guy.

And the one that suffers is Father because he receives such (unreliable) reports as if they were the complete truth. And it is not uncommon that these leaders use Father’s name to justify what they do in front of the members. Rev. Shin proudly tells members that he received a 10,000 dollar diamond watch from True Father, which (in his mind) proves that he’s worthy as a continental director and that his actions are approved by Father. If receiving a diamond watch from Father is an indication of a person’s worth or approval vis-à-vis another person, then am I to feel sorry for the hundreds of missionaries that dedicated their lives out on the field without such blessings from Father? Does a diamond watch hold more weight than being Father’s son?

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