Is it true that Hyun Jin Nim attempted a “coup detat” of the HSA Board in the US?


Question: Is it true that Hyun Jin Nim attempted a “coup detat” of the HSA Board in the US?

Short answer: No, this is not true. Please read this document to become informed of the context and background surrounding the HSA-UWC Board situation. It has become habitual of some church leaders to spread false rumors without giving actual facts or evidence. Please take the time to digest the document linked above.

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To understand the issue, please read this document.

Long answer:

The issue that has to be revisited, especially in the USA, is the wrongful appointment of IJN and the so called “coup d’etat” by HJN. This was one of the main situations that led to where we are today.

1) TF assigned HJN to be the overall leader in charge of the Americas, including the USA. This assignment by TF was verbally confirmed 3 times and recorded.

2) TF assigned IJN to be a “축사장” of the US movement. That term roughly translates to “ceremonial pastor”. And TF said that Jin Sung Nim should not be involved in any activities related to the church.

3) When HJN got verbal confirmation from TF several times, he was waiting and waiting for the UC HQ (FFWPU HQ, at the time) to send out a public memo to announce to the members of TF’s latest direction. But for some reason they did not send out any memo. Continental director Byoung Hwa Kim asked Peter Kim to send out a memo with TF’s instructions regarding HJN’s appointment. But it was never sent.

4) Instead, on July 29, 2008, the HQ sent out a memo stamped by Hyung Jin Nim declaring IJN to be the new “chairperson of the US movement”. This was a position that does not exist and it went against the instructions of TP that HJN was to be in charge. The memo certainly caused confusion among the leaders over who was responsible. (link to memo:

5) ** On August 21, 2008, three weeks after the memo came out IJN holds a meeting of the US HSA-UWC board whereby she removes most of the existing board members asking them to resign. This is the most important moment that is not told to members. If there ever was a “coup d’etat” it was this moment. At this meeting IJN appoints herself as the new “chairman” of the board and brings in Joshua Cotter, Jin Sung Nim and others into the board after removing other members.

6) (continuation of 5) The board meeting did not follow proper protocol and TP were informed of the changes made by IJN two days after the fact. TF was not happy and demanded the original board be reinstated. The fact that TF was upset and asked the board to be restored means that IJN acted without consulting with TF. Also, notice that neither the church nor any leader made a big scandal out of it, and nobody tried to kick out IJN claiming that she’s doing a “coup d’etat” for this.

7) After TF made his demands, IJN only followed his demands partially. She kept a majority of the people she installed into the board and reinstated some of the people she had removed. The situation with the board created further confusion among the leaders as to who was in charge.

8) After the board situation, continental director Kim sought TF to clarify once again what was TF’s direction regarding IJN. And TF said she was a “축사장” and that she was not appointed as “chairperson” of the US movement. TF said that IJN was to be under HJN. These words were recorded and presented to IJN who simply disregarded them.

9) At this point HJN sought another attempt to clarify what’s going on with TF. Because TF was saying one thing and the church leaders were doing another thing. On September 14, 2008, HJN went to TP to seek reconfirmation of TF’s directions. Surprisingly, TF scolded HJN because TF thought that HJN had made the changes to the board. He had been reported that it was HJN’s doing. He demanded HJN to restore the board to its original state. And TF also told HJN once again that he is in charge of the movement in North and South America.

10) After that, HJN conveyed TF’s words to IJN. No response from her side.

11) On September 30, 2008, another public memo comes out stating that all FFWPU appointments and dismissals have to have the approval of International President Hyung Jin Moon. This is an important memo because it officially moves the final authority from being TF’s words, to being Hyung Jin Nim’s stamp on a memo. (link to memo:

12) Despite recordings and direct witnesses of TF’s directions, no supporting confirmation was sent from Hyung Jin Nim’s office to the members in the form of public memos. And to provide some contrast, with TF’s verbal confirmation KJN immediately went to Japan assuming complete responsibility and was fully supported by Hyung Jin Nim.

13) Finally, on February 23, 2009, HJN met with IJN at the New Yorker Hotel to reiterate TF’s direction. He expressed that he would support her ministry and that she could oversee the Manhattan Center. And in a meeting with the US leaders he clarified to them TF’s instructions on his and IJN’s roles. On the next day HJN asked for a board meeting to try to fulfill TF’s direction of reinstating the original board. In that meeting KJN and Hyung Jin Nim, who were not board members, joined in and declared that the meeting was unauthorized. IJN called for a motion to adjourn and the motion was passed by the majority of one vote. HJN was not trying to remove IJN, but was trying to do what TF had been instructing. But the people present gave it a spin and portrayed it as an attack, a coup d’etat, against IJN.

There are further situations that develop that continuously marginalize HJN from the members and from TP. However, this situation is one of the main catalysts that started it all. For more info on this specific issue read the following PDF file:

I hope this is of some help in understanding and unraveling the story of what’s really going on.

What is evident is that TF himself did order HJN to be the leader responsible for the Americas, including the USA (FYI, HJN expressed he has no intention of leading the church). However, in this regard Hyung Jin Nim was not willing to follow TF’s directions and circumvented his instructions, thereby installing IJN and Jin Sung Nim as the top leaders of the US movement and giving her free rein and to some extent free reign to do whatever she wanted.

I know it’s an inconvenient truth and probably unpopular, but the fact is that the person who comes to America to “solve” the issue of IJN is none other than the very person who installed her by disobeying TF’s orders in the first place. If you don’t read anything I post, at least read the previous post I wrote to gain some perspective on the events.

I hope that US members can show wisdom and not remain oblivious to these situations. Additionally, the reason HJN and Rev. Kwak had to be attacked via rumors, rallies, campaigns, memos, workshops, videos and other methods (which was unprecedented in our movement’s history) was because they had to discredit the core identity of the people who held these “inconvenient truths” and could possibly convey them to the members, thereby undermining the integrity and legitimacy of their regime. Sort of similar to the way Tossa Cromwell was dealt with, but at a bigger level.


Much has been made of the HSA-UWC Board issues from February 2009. If one simply looks at the results, it may seem as if Hyun Jin Nim created a problem. However, it is not possible to understand a complex situation without the full context including information from more than one side. Hyun Jin Nim’s side of the story has not been presented until now, because he understands that such public debate of sensitive issues is counterproductive. However because various church leaders are publicly discussing many details of this situation, it is essential that our members understand the actual context in which these Board issues took place.  Following are some facts that have been explained in various forums including the CARP internet café (Korean site).


  • On July 29, 2008, a public memo was sent out signed by Hyung Jin Nim stating that In Jin Nim was being appointed the “Chairman” of the American Unification Movement. Hyun Jin Nim had already been given the spiritual responsibility for North and South America, and he received no communication from True Parents about any change in his responsibilities. The new direction about In Jin Nim’s appointment caused a lot of confusion in the field.
  • On August 20, 2008, the inauguration ceremony for In Jin Nim as Chair of the Unification Church(HSA-UWC) in America was held at the Manhattan Center in New York.
  • The next day, on August 21st, 2008 there was a sudden call for a board meeting of HSA-UWC. The notice calling for the Board meeting was sent out at around 10 PM for a meeting that would take place the next morning at 7 AM via phone conference. Regular protocol for calling an official meeting of the Board of Directors requires that notice be sent out 48 hours in advance.In this case a Board meeting called for the purpose of substantially changing the membership of the Board of Directors was convened with only nine hours notice.
  • This Board meeting was not coordinated with Hyun Jin Nim. Though Hyun Jin Nim was not a member of the Board at that time, because of his spiritual position of overall responsibility for North and South America, he was represented on the Board by Mr. Jin Man Kwak. However Mr. Jin Man Kwak was included in the list of people who were to be removed from the Board at the August 22 Board meeting via phone conference. Later, Father received a report about this and asked that the Board members be restored to their original positions. Some were restored, but others were not.
  • In September 2009, Rev. Pyung Hwa Kim, who was the Contintental Director for North America at the time, met with True Parents and received direct confirmation from them that In Jin Nim is not the “Chairman,” but is to work in the capacity of “Chook Sa Jang” (ministerial pastor position), and that Jin Sung Nim should not be involved in any work related to the church. But these directions were ignored.
  • At the beginning of February 2009, Father asked Hyun Jin Nim to undertake a world speaking tour, starting as soon as possible. During the time that Hyun Jin Nim was busily preparing for this tour, Father returned to Korea, where he emphasized the responsibilities of Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, and Hyung Jin Nim in various meetings. In several Hoon Dok Hae meetings, Father especially emphasized that Hyun Jin Nim should be in charge of the Americas.
  • Hyun Jin Nim waited for about a week for a public memo or communication to be sent out through the headquarters regarding Father’s directions, but no official communication was sent.
  • At the same time, Kook Jin Nim immediately went to Japan the day after he received Father’s direction that he is to be in charge of Japan. However, because In Jin Nim was acting as the person in charge of America and doing activities, Hyun Jin Nim waited for an official notice or memo to be sent out regarding Father’s directions.
  • Because no public memo was sent out clarifying Hyun Jin Nim’s responsibility, the Boon Bong Wang of the United States, Mr. Dong Moon Joo, asked Father in person to clarify his direction. On February 22, 2009 Mr. Joo visited East Garden and personally conveyed Father’s directions to Hyun Jin Nim. The content was that “Hyun Jin Nim is the spiritually responsible person for America, and In Jin Nim is not the Chairman but the Chook Sa Jang, and Jin Sung Nim should absolutely not be involved with church activities.” At that point Hyun Jin Nim had no choice but to believe Mr. Joo’s words and uphold Father’s direction even though a public memo was not sent out from the Korea HQ as expected.
  • On February 23, 2009, Hyun Jin Nim called a meeting of all the leaders in charge of the providence in America. He convened this meeting to inspire a sense of responsibility and ownership in the American church leaders in the position of the elder son because he was about to leave for an extended period for the world speaking tour that Father had asked him to do. On that day Hyun Jin Nim first met privately with In Jin Nim – Jin Sung Nim’s couple, but the meeting ended inconclusively. Finally, Hyun Jin Nim attended the leaders meeting alone and left after giving his guidance.
  • Hyun Jin Nim respected In Jin Nim both as his older sister and in her public role as the Chook Sa Jang and sought to work together. He emphasized to American leaders that they should all unite and work together towards one direction.
  • Surprisingly, early the next morning (August 24) Mission Headquarters’ vice-president, Joon Ho Seuk, sent an email to the continental director which stated the following, “Today Kook Jin Nim said that there is to be no change to In Jin Nim’s title as Chairman of America. And he asked that this be conveyed to continental director Pyung Hwa Kim.” Hyun Jin Nim was shocked by the content of this email.


The facts above provide the context in which the Board issues were played out in late February and early March of 2009.  Understanding this, one sees a much different perspective than has been generally conveyed – that one member of True Family was completely disregarding Father’s direction. Because this complex situation is cited as pivotal evidence of Hyun Jin Nim’s failure to unite with Father’s direction, it is necessary to understand the full story.  The facts above provide an initial understanding of the context, but more details of what actually transpired will be explained in subsequent communications. Based on the above details, please consider the following questions:


  • Why did Hyun Jin Nim ask for a Board meeting right before he left for the world speaking tour?
  • Why did he say he would restore the board to its original state as Father had asked him to do?
  • True Father clarified the roles of Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim in February 2009. Why did the Mission Department HQ not send out an official memo about this? If the direction was not finalized, why did Kook Jin Nim immediately go to Japan to take responsibility based on that direction?
  • On February 24, Dr. Seuk of the World Mission HQ communicated a message from Kook Jin Nim to Pyung Hwa Kim about In Jin Nim’s role in America.Did Kook Jin Nim have special authority then to make such decisions? Did Kook Jin Nim have authority to override Father’s direction communicated in person to Hyun Jin Nim just two days before by the American BBW Dong Moon Joo?
  • According to these reports, Father directed in September 2008 and again in February 2009 that Jin Sung Nim should have no public role with the HSA headquarters.Is that accurate, and if so why has he continued to play such a prominent role in the operations of the US church HQ even to this day?


These and many other questions must be considered in order to understand clearly the sequence of events related to leadership of the American church.  Please do not rush to judgement without understanding the complete picture of these critical issues.  More information will be shared through various forums in the coming days and weeks.

To understand the issue, please read the document mentioned above.

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