“…Hyung Jin Nim’s UPF inauguration, but who told you to do this?”

Question: I heard that True Father was upset with Hyung Jin Nim’s UPF inauguration on November 19, 2009, and that he said certain things. Is this true? What did he say? Why can’t I find any record of what he said?

Short answer: It looks like we will never have the official text of what True Father said that day. The only form of proof are the notes of a participant at the HDH session. Apparently, these words by Father were requested to be stricken out of the record and deleted by someone way up in the UC ranks (someone with enough influence and power to delete TF’s words). However, the notes of this Hoon Dok session made it through the censorship and we have the notes.


Long answer:

Unfortunately, all that remains from this day are the notes of a person who attended this Hoon Dok Hae session. All official records were erased. It shows that the UC leadership inaugurated Hyung Jin Nim into UPF and removed Hyun Jin Nim without TF’s permission, among other things.

Notes from Hoon Dok Hwe Nov 19, 2009

These are my personal notes from attending HDH the day after Hyungjin nim’s inauguration as the new Chairman of UPF.

Father says, “You’re telling me that you held Hyung Jin Nim’s UPF inauguration, but who told you to do this? Restore everything back to its original state. Retract everything that happened yesterday. Rev. Kwak and Hyunjin should be the heads of UPF. Why did you inaugurate Hyung Jin into that?”

(I’m not sure why Father mentioned that Rev Kwak should be leading UPF too. I had thought that Father recently asked him to step down from that position.)

Father says, “Rev. Kwak has to be in charge of the Peace Cup. Who told you to put someone else there?”

Father yells, “You people, who participated in that UPF event, stand up. Dr. Joon Ho Seuk and others stand up. Who ordered you to inaugurate Hyung Jin Nim as the International UPF President?”

Mother asks Father, “Wasn’t it you Father that asked them to do so?”

Father responds, “When did I tell you to inaugurate him? All I said was let’s reflect on Hyung Jin Nim and think about it’. When did I say to go ahead and inaugurate him?”

Father keeps shouting, “Who kicked out Rev. Kwak? Joon Ho Seuk, was it you?”

Father starts pointing out the leaders and is strongly questioning them.

Father says, “If you kick out Rev. Kwak, then who is going to restore the Abel UN and who is going to do the Peace Cup? If Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin aren’t in charge of America, then who is going to establish the Abel UN?”

Father is shouting, yelling at Mother too, “You ganged up together and kicked them out, right? Mother secretly went out and met with people without me knowing. Do not listen to Mother. Mother should become one with Father. But now you and her have caused this big problem. That did not come from me and God. The Washington Times has also divided into two camps and are fighting.”

Father is furious and loud. Father yells, “Hyun Jin had to start from scratch and make a new foundation, GPF, because you people kicked him and Rev. Kwak out, isn’t that so?”

Father appoints Rev. Jung Soon Cho to be in charge of an investigation committee. Father tells him, “Investigate all these people here and report to me.”

Father’s anger raged on for about an hour. He asked that everything be restored back to its original state of affairs and then he left to Seok-Cho.

After HDH, I walked around asking what the other leaders thought. Some of the executive leaders who attended this Hoondokhae shared that what they took from HDH was that Father clearly ordered Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim to be back in charge of UPF.

Father also scolds Hwang Sunjo concerning the Keo- Mundo: “President Hwang, you should be in charge of Keo-Moondo. Why did you stop the project? Just because Kook Jin told you to stop?”

After today’s morning Hoondokhae ended, Mother ordered the PeaceTV staff and History Recording Department to erase all audio and video recordings of today’s morning HDH.

— End of notes —

Again, these are my personal notes, so I may have missed further details. But a few things were certain:

1. Father was not happy about Hyung Jin nim’s inauguration.
2. Father wants Hyun Jin nim and Rev Kwak back in charge of UPF.
3. Father was also somehow very mad at Mother, and after HDH, MMMMMM ordered all the HDH audio and video documentation to be destroyed.

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