Historical Narrative of the Settlement Age

Was the creation of Unification Church in the original plan of God’s Purpose of Creation?

Since 1990s the age of Unification Church was over. We should have entered into the Settlement Age. That is why the ‘Settlement Age’ was a central theme throughout the ‘Inheritance and Development’ and ‘True Love in Action’ world tours.

In the 1990s father created many organizations with the end “for World Peace”. Then eventually Father provided the Peace Messages. Do you think world peace was important to Father? In 2005, upon the inauguration of UPF, was the basis for first Peace Message. Do you think world peace was a very important goal? After era of UC, Father established the Family Federation for World Peace. Father was taking our movement on a very clear trajectory.

Father wanted salvation for all humanity. UPF was the umbrella encompassing Youth Federation, Women’s Federation, Family Federation, etc. Every single church leader had to go to the 21 day workshops during that transition period. Father was giving the charge for each of us to participate in the messianic mission for the salvation of mankind. That is why you became tribal messiahs, national messiahs, continental messiahs, etc.

That time was like the Israelites’ time of transitioning from the wilderness to settlement in Canaan. The reason why the proper narrative is important is because there are pivotal moments in history. Not all events in history are equally significant.

Now many members are confused. They are all over the map now. There are three so called authorities that are trying to carry the mantle of Father’s legacy. If you don’t understand that, you’re not going to come to the right conclusion. All the HDH that we do, without the proper understanding of context, history and principles, it really means nothing. How are you going to understand your destiny as an individual, a family, a movement? First, you have to understand your identity. That’s why the four fundamental questions are essential.

What does Father mean when he ways “There is no perfection in ignorance”? Having the right understanding of principle is so essential because that is how you align to God’s will.

Father went beyond the typical church leadership paradigm. He had his foot in economic activities, social work, the arts, sports, politics, academia, media, etc. That is why my work is also not limited to any given church. I am continuing Father’s work for world peace. 

Transformation of the Korean peninsula is a top priority right now.

Another framework for peace is interfaith. Religious leaders need to set the right precedent for peace. A third priority is to promote the spiritual renewal in the Americas. There needs to be a hemispheric cooperation of North and South America.

The text above are not direct quotes, but rather the personal inspirations of an individual that has participated in the Sunday Hoon dok Hwes organized by the Family Peace Association.

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