Hyun Jin Nim is the Real Deal In Regards to Living out Principle

“H1 does have a very sensitive side, a compassionate and generous heart toward others, he just does this quietly. I can say this because my family and I have been the recipient of such love in substantial ways. When my wife was sick with cancer it was H1 and his family that that reached out more than anyone else to help. We had no special title’s or positions in our work with him, he just simply heard about our challenge and wanted to help and he did many times over. For example, he and his family got involved in preparing special medicines and treatments geared to deal with the disease. They where even praying as a family for her every day. They even arranged for my wife to come to EG everyday to receive treatment, treatment that was very expensive but they paid for everything, asking for nothing in return. Even with all that effort my wife finally succumbed to the cancer, it was a very aggressive form. H1 even insisted on paying for the balance of the cost of the Sung Hwa beyond the donation we received from members, which was significant. Soon after her passing H1 invited my 3 young boys to come to EG everyday to be taken care of as needed. We did this for a short time, but I felt the need to do this myself so we stopped going after a while. Even now after many years since this happened he still remembers my late wife’s name and always is concerned and asks about my children. There is much more that I have not included in the help we received from him. These are just a few. H1 did this at a time when he was extremely busy with many missions, etc. I know others have experienced this level of heart as well, not just us. So for me H1 is the real deal in regards to living out the principle. Many talk big but do little in this world, but this is one man whose words and deeds match up.”

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