God should be able to give us blessings based on the merit of our lives

Dear friends,

Today for our community Hoondok gathering, we read H1’s “Special Letter to True Parents” from March 2008 (from H1’s book, “Realizing God’s Dream”, available here: http://www.amazon.com/Realizing-Gods-Dream-Volume-3/dp/8996659924 ). This reading reminded me again about the theme of ‘the age of settlement’ that I wrote on last week. Here is an excerpt from that speech that I found particularly relevant:

“God has been moving humanity to realize one family under God, where mankind doesn’t need institutions, religious or otherwise, to be a conduit in which He could freely commune with them. That is why Father instructed the formation of the Hoon Dok Family cell church providence to begin after the creation of the FFWPU. However, the leaders did not align to this direction rooted in providential purpose and maintained the current existing foundations. As a result, a culture rooted in a sense of purpose and mission has been lost, and a culture of mere survival and comfortable co-existence has emerged.”

I remember how around this time, Father also gave the instruction for us to pray in our own names, and to also take on the messianic mission through our role as ‘tribal messiahs’. Clearly Father intended us to take on the responsibility of Providence to build ideal families and world peace.

Even in regards to our personal life of faith, Father declared the age of “high-noon settlement”, indicating a time when each of us has to stand clear before our conscience and God, without any intermediaries.

Why didn’t this transition occur? H1 states in this letter that it was the leaders who did not align, which is very possible, however I think that it is also our members who were unwilling to take on this larger responsibility.

I think this is a valuable point to reflect on today. If we are truly “Blessed” families, regardless of the difficult situations around us, God should be able to give us blessings based on the merit of our lives. We should not be people that anyone, regardless of their position in an institution, can manipulate to achieve immoral purposes, because we should be responsible for our own actions. We should have clarity on what we believe and why we do things.

It’s a challenge for all of us, but it is a challenge that God expects us to embrace and end up victorious as his worthy sons and daughters.


-T.S. 2nd generation member

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