Four Fundamental Questions for all Blessed Families

The Blessed Central Family’s Responsibility in the Present Age: Four Fundamental Questions

At this critical juncture in providential history, each of you as Blessed Central Families must understand clearly that you are providential people, owners of God’s providence, and the ones who will decide whether this movement advances God’s providence or remains an obstacle to it.

To gain the proper perspective on our providential responsibilities in this time, we need to understand the answers to four fundamental questions regarding the providence.  Those questions are:

  • Who is the center of the Providence?
  • What is the messianic mission?
  • What does the advent of True Parents and True Family signify?
  • What is the responsibility of Blessed Central Families in this time?

The answer to the first question is simple and clear: God is the center of providence.  He is very much alive and His hand has clearly been guiding human history along the path of substantial restoration and recreation.  It is for God and His providence that True Father laid down his life, not for himself or for his own will.  Just as Father has done, we too, must absolutely align ourselves with God’s Will and always be humble and grateful for the opportunity to participate in and make an offering to His Providence.

The second question is: What is the messianic mission? The messiah stands in the position of restored Adam, and therefore as the true son of God. Father has said that God seeks a parent-child relationship with humanity. Hence, the messiah is God’s son.  As a filial son, the messiah owns and accomplishes God’s dream as outlined in the Principle of Creation.

True Father’s ultimate mission is to give substance to God’s dream of forming an ancestral family that reflects God’s original ideal, as the root and starting point of true love, true life, and true lineage; and then, through that family, to connect all people of the world, across the barriers of race, religion, and nationality, as one family under God.

He opened the path for all fallen humanity to share in that ideal through the change of blood lineage, which is not merely symbolic or otherworldly.  It is salvation that opens the way to perfection achieved by fulfilling the five percent human portion of responsibility, as one advances through the individual, family and tribal stages during one’s life. Father opened the path for all humanity to become true children of God. This is the proper understanding of True Father’s legacy.

The third question is: what does the advent of the True Parents and True Family signify? It means that, for the first time in human history, God’s original ideal can become a substantial reality on Earth as well as in Heaven. In other words, it should mark the emergence of a new dawn in human history where God’s original purpose of Creation is realized and where the proper precedent for a new era centered upon true love, life and lineage is manifested. That is why True Father proclaimed the beginning of the Age after the Coming of Heaven, marking the end of humanity’s history of ceaseless conflict and war and the beginning of a new era of peace centered upon God’s Ideal Family.

As Father so poignantly reveals through his Peace Messages, God’s Ideal Family is the cornerstone for building a world of peace that extends from the individual level, through the family, tribal, national and worldwide levels. What is most important is that God is at its center and core on each level of development and true love is its fullest expression. What is God’s original ideal? To form a family that becomes the owner of true love, securing a parent-child relationship with God, and establishing the root and starting point of true love, true life, and true lineage. God wants to engraft into that family all the people of the fallen world, across the barriers of race, religion, and nationality, to live as one extended family under God.

The fourth question is: What is the responsibility of Blessed Central Families? Through the Blessing of first generation, Blessed Central Families are engrafted into God’s original true lineage and become members of the extended True Family, sons and daughters of God.  This is not the end of the matter, a ticket to heaven, but a new beginning.  It is your commission to fulfill your own portion of responsibility by making God’s original ideal of true family a reality in your own family through the daily practice of true love, which should substantiate true life and protect true lineage.  God expects you to take up mutual ownership of His ideal and, together with the True Family, the shared responsibility to fulfill it.

God wants to relate to you, as His filial sons and daughters, not simply as faithful and obedient servants waiting for their next instructions. He wants children to know and share His heart as well as the principles and values of creation by making His ideal their own. A household of servants will crumble once the owner passes away, but a family built upon a parent-child relationship of true love can endure eternally as the spirit of the parents passes from one generation to the next. In other words, the children and grandchildren will carry on the legacy of ownership and love inherited from their grandparents and parents, even after they have passed to the spirit world.

I want all Blessed Families to understand that such is your inheritance as members of the extended True Family. Blessed Central Families should lead the world by example toward a culture of heart that will realize the ideals of Cheon Il Guk. The power to do this will not be based on position or hierarchy or command, but upon the moral authority inherent in living a life of true love.

Moral authority flows from God when one is aligned with His Providence and a true owner of true love. This is the authority that leaders of the movement should display as the result of living principled lives. It is the authority that you as Blessed Central Families should carry into your neighborhoods and communities and your nations, as you embody God’s Principle in your motivation, your words, and your deeds. It is the authority which will qualify you as a true citizen of Cheon Il Guk and give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Without it you are but an empty shell devoid of the life energy and truth that flows from God.

I know that there are conscientious and righteous members who are standing up to protect God’s providence and True Parents’ legacy. At this critical providential moment, all Blessed Central Families must listen to the voice of their conscience, recall the ideals that led them to follow True Parents, and take ownership of God’s providential Will.

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