Equal Value of Men and Women in True Love

Equal value of men and women in true love

The Fall distorted the role of men and women and that affected the understanding of the role of children and the whole family. This whole process was reversed. Satan works through ignorance.

If you see the breakdown of the family today, there is confusion with gender roles. This is the most fundamental relationship that defines the nature of God. If you don’t define this properly, you cannot realize true womanhood or true manhood. Men and Women were meant to be complementary pairs. There is a reason why God gave those faculties to men and to women. They are born for the sake of each other.

Subject and Object are complementary pairs: one is not less than the other. The fallen mind tries to see what is greater and what is less. True equality does not exist in the fiscal realm or other physical aspects. However, true equality exists in the realm of true love. Here, in the realm of liberation, people live for the sake of others and the value of men and women are equal.

The relationship between men and women is where life begins to exist. The greatness of humanity can blossom to its fullest in this realm when they unite in true love.  Father’s philosophy for life and love is like a wave. There are going to be ebbs and flows when two individuals come together. In your Blessing and marriage, it’s not going to be like a Disney movie.

Love goes beyond physical appearance; true love is the unifier. This is how men and women realize their full potential.

– contributed by MM

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