End of the Cosmic Conflict – by Mark Bramwell

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At the center of God’s purpose of creation is the God-centered true family ideal.
The purpose of life is to experience happiness by establishing a God-centered ideal family filled with true love. The love, values, culture and lifestyle of God’s kingdom of peace and goodness begin in the true family ideal and are to expand to the world level to form a global family under God. History began with a family, sought to restore the fallen family, and will be consummated with a true family. The establishment of a true family is what we mean by the “fulfillment of God’s will”, “completing the ideal of creation” and the “four-position foundation”. In light of this fundamental truth, the most essential fruit of God’s providence is the restoration of God’s lost lineage through the establishment of the positions of true parents and the settlement on Earth of the true family ideal. The first true family is both the model and the foundation for God to extend His presence into all the families of the world. The Messiah is not sent to earth to establish a church, but to realize the purpose of creation and enable all humanity to do the same.

According to the Divine Principle, the settlement of a true family requires each person within the family to fulfill their portion of responsibility, understanding the unique roles of true son, true elder and younger brother, true husband and true father, as well as true daughter, true elder and younger sister, true wife and true mother. Taken together these are called the “four great realms of heart”. As the Founder himself declared, “Restoring the four-position foundation is the most difficult thing. It is like conquering the world.” The standard of true love in a family is absolute. A true family was nevertheless established by True Parents. That true family, however, must all live a life of true love in alignment with the Principle on a daily basis, as exhorted in the Family Pledge, and live together with God by completing the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. This is the “human portion of responsibility”, indispensable for the realization of God’s ideal.

At the center of the four-position foundation is true love, that is, God’s love, which connects all the constituent parts. In a true family, all the members resemble God and live for one another as owners of true love. God’s love is to expand from the family to the global level. God is the cause and the root while we are the manifestation and the fruit. As human beings, we can therefore never arrogantly assume that we are the center, rather that God is the eternal center and sets the standard. It follows that we, as His objects of love, are to live a life of humility and gratitude in front of God,continually making efforts to align ourselves to the expectations that God envisioned at the beginning of His creation.

A true family spans several generations and its love is permanently preserved on earth by succeeding generations. Thus the first true family is required to set the right precedents and standards for future generations, and so become the “Ancestral True Family”. Only through parents having children can a lineage be formed. Therefore, only through the establishment of a second generation of this first true family, can there be a divine lineage and God’s kingship established. Father was able to bless us because he first created a family. True Parents cannot stand in that position without establishing True Children.

“Without lineage, neither life nor love can endure. You strive to set a good tradition, but it will endure only through your lineage. Lineage is the bridge allowing the parents’ spirit to carry on through subsequent generations. In other words, lineage is the first and final condition necessary for parents to harvest the fruits of their love, the fruits of their life and the fruits of their joy. We need to know this with certainty.” (Peace Message 1)

There were expectations for the unique roles of family members before we were born and before creation itself. Without the creation of a true family, there can be no concept of the Blessing and no blessed families, nor can there be any concept of God’s dominion of love within the human family. Without True Children, who are True Parents’ direct offspring, there is no complete salvation; their lineage is the central lineage; any direct offspring of a true Adam stand in a position that has transcended indemnity. Nonetheless, it must be emphasized that physical lineage has very little meaning without a life of true love, freely chosen, in alignment with the Principle. Those who love, as God their Parent loves, while uniting in heart with the direct offspring of True Parents, can substantially engraft into the Divine Lineage.

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  1. I think Mark did a good job in laying out the facts of the situation. Since then we have a mess of a situation with more and more upheavals taking place among those that conspired to monopolize power!

    • Hi Peter,

      Part of the problem is in the DP’s focus on what providential position one holds, rather than the values one embodies. It is a very Confucianist system where relations between people are more rooted in postions, rahter than transcendent moral principles. This is especially true if that position is determined by physical blood lineage.

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