Clarifying Eldersonship within True Father’s family

cain abel

  • Lineage, and thereby the family identity, is passed down through the elder son.
  • The elder son, as the heir, inherits his father’s authority.
  • The victory of the elder son allows for the perfection of the Three Great Kingships and thereby sets the foundation for the settlement of God’s sovereignty on earth.
  • The elder son is not just one of many siblings. Other siblings should love and unite with the elder son because he has inherited the father’s authority.
  • There is no Cain and Abel providence within Father’s family because Father does not serve two masters. He only serves God. “Adam would be placed in the unprincipled situation of having to serve two masters: God and Satan….For this reason, God gave Adam two sons, representing good and evil…” – Exposition of the Divine Principle p. 190.
  • Although there is no Cain and Abel positions among Father’s direct children, the blessed family members, as adopted sons and daughters, stand in the position of Cain-type children to the true children, the Abel-type children. The adopted children can be victorious by uniting with Father’s direct children who stand as their older siblings.
  • There can only be one son that earns the position of  the True Elder Son. He is the one that lives to fulfill his father’s dreams.

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