Death is Not Such a Tragic Thing

Discovering Universal Spiritual Principles in Nature

In Creation, life and death reflects the “living for the sake of others” paradigm. People who go out into nature do not have a problem with death. They understand the cycle and balance of life. Every creature is living for something else. That is why creation is in a state of absolute coexistence, filling every vacuum and need. Death is not such a tragic thing.

The way in which we live here on earth is the foundation for our health in the spiritual world, just like our life in the womb is preparation for our life on earth.

Truth always exists. It just becomes enlightened fact through intellectual individuals. This is the case not just for physical truth, but also for spiritual truth.

Father taught that there were spiritual laws that could also be found in nature. That was what the Divine Principle was about. Science should not clash with fundamental spiritual truths. The Principle should be the most compelling truth. You should not be “brainwashed,” but have a clear understanding of Principle. Then you will stand with moral authority.

Each of us needs to contribute to developing a whole new culture. You need to think of yourselves as substantial embodiments of Principle. As blessed families, you have to set the precedent of what the living Principle looks like. In big and small ways, everyone makes a contribution.

How are we to become people that are able to influence the world in a positive way? When you are articulating truth to others, use examples in your life that people can relate to. If you speak in generalities, you say nothing. How do people grasp abstract concepts? Through shared experience. This is why Jesus used parables and stories – using everyday experiences and events to convey his message. Communication is a reflection of how you have internalized content you have learned.

No matter what you do, whatever you put your name on, you better be proud of it. You better put in that effort. Live with gratitude and humility. Heaven recognizes sincerity.

-Contributed by MM

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