Criminal charges in Brazil

Question: Is it true that the church president in Brazil pressed criminal charges against Hyun Jin Nim? Is it true that he was pressured into filing the lawsuit?

Short answer: Yes and yes. According to the information that has been presented, both of these statements seem to be true. (This situation has a connection to a previous post.)

There are suspicions that Brazil church president Ferabolli wouldn’t personally have the (financial) means to pursue legal action against HJN. Most likely the money for this is being paid with money raised from Japan. It has also surfaced that the church president Ferabolli was not acting on his own volition. He was ordered to press charges against HJN by his higher-ups and he did not want to do it. (See long answer for more details)

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(Note: These answers are compiled from posts originating in the WIFL google group by people who consented to share their posts.)

Long answer: Yes. The Brazil church president is pressing criminal charges against Hyun Jin Nim. (Link to Brazilian department of justice online archive of lawsuits – search for “Preston Moon”)

Apparently, at first Simon Ferabolli, president of the church in Brazil, filed for an injunction to keep Hyun Jin Nim out of the premises of the church and to have a restraining order so that he can’t come close to Ferabolli. However, the judge dismissed this case and threw it out for lack of convincing evidence. Following that, Ferabolli filed criminal charges against Hyun Jin Moon and the people who assisted him on May 30, 2010.

When the news about the lawsuit came out there were suspicions of how the idea of filing a criminal suit came about. The following post sheds some light:

“This time the church president in Brazil is taking legal action against Hyun Jin Nim. Today the first hearing will take place in the afternoon. It is still unclear whether True Father knows about this lawsuit against his son by the church president. It is unlikely that he is informed.

This time the lawsuit is at a completely different level from last time. Last time, from my understanding, President Ferabolli applied for an injunction asking for a restraining order against HJN. But I am told the judge threw out the case on the grounds that it was a weak case. However, this time Mr. Ferabolli is suing HJN in a criminal court.

This does not seem like a lawsuit that Mr. Ferabolli could pursue on his own. It is questionable whether he has the financial means and time to legally go after a person like HJN in court. One can conclude that there are Korean leaders behind this effort pushing the case and putting Mr. Ferabolli in this spot.

Externally they may say to the members don’t attack HJN and say they care about reconciliation, but then silently they are backstabbing HJN with this type of legal action. A true love culture or a culture of heart is nowhere to be seen in such an organization.”

Lo and behold, later it turns out that there was pressure

The following letter is allegedly written by Simao Ferabolli, church president of the Family Federation of Brazil. He expresses his desire to withdraw the criminal charges and indicates that he was ordered to do it:

OPEN LETTER: brothers and sisters or to whom it may concern.

In May 2010, the Unification Church in Brazil has experienced an episode never before seen in our movement, a clear demonstration that satan still has enough power to attack and invade even a member of True Family.

There was an attitude of solidarity in support from many members from around the world, including a quick tour of In Jin Nim and the International President, Rev. Hyung Jin Nim, who sought to normalize things and give a direction based on forgiveness and love, which is the basis of lessons that we have always received from True Parents.

A few months later we were called for international legal advice and were told to present criminal actions against Hyun Jin Preston Moon and the people who advised the episodes occurred at the headquarters in Sao Paulo, all as a plan to stop the squandering AFUPM’s assets and prevent further episodes of this nature not be

In late November, with great reluctance, I accept to propose the criminal actionsbelieving that this was a direction from the Mission Foundation and, consequently, from True Parents.

Today we are in April 2011. It seems that people who were in charge of orientation for the actions that were proposed at the time, now are not.We’ve had some hearings and more are coming. They represent an ordeal both for me and for people who are subpoenaed to them. 

As the result, nobody knows for sure how long this will take or what the outcome will ensue. And even if there is any condemnation of Mr. Preston, to members or to the Church in Brazil, that cannot be regarded as a providential result. 

Now there is the dissemination of letters and emails of discontent and accusations against the president of the church in Brazil for doing these actions,as if this decision had started from his own desire. 

Thus, if indeed, the actions are a providential direction, then there must be a direction in writing, very detailed so that they continue, despite the problems caused, including an explanation to satisfy the members. Also there should be the appointment of a person to take care of it, because the president of the church cannot deal with this specific procedural question.

Without this clear direction and explicit agreement of the Continental Leader and Bong Boon Wang, we’ll be giving up the criminal action because they have become a bone of contention between members and between the leaders and I’m receiving a lot of pressing because of that.

We are sending this open letter and we need an immediate response to the contents presented herein. If, in the next 10 days no response supervene, we consider the silence as agreement with the withdrawal of criminal actions, which will be implemented immediately.

However, seeing that they did not withdraw the charges, it seems evident that president Simon received some form of confirmation to his concerns from someone within the “international legal advice”.

Another post with a perspective on the situation:

You have to understand that this is a translation and might not be entirely word for word accurate.

“I couldn’t withstand the Korean leaders pressure, so I had to sue Hyun Jin Nim.”

It’s quite shocking. President Ferabolli of the church in Brazil confessed to several Brazilian members about the background behind the criminal lawsuit against Hyun Jin nim.

President Simon Ferabolli said that from the very beginning he did not want to sue Hyun Jin Nim, but becuase of the “pressure” coming “from the Korean leaders” he had “no choice but to move forward with the lawsuit against Hyun Jin nim”. 

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