Byunghun Kwak, clergy of the Family Federation in Japan, currently serving as a pastor of the Noto Church in the Ishikawa region

A Statement dedicated to the members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Japan and blessed families


Dear members of the Family Federation in Japan and blessed families,

Dear respected fellow pastors,

My name is Byunghun Kwak. I am a clergy of the Family Federation in Japan, currently serving as a pastor of the Noto Church in the Ishikawa region. I am part of the 6500 Korea-Japan couples and have been working as a pastor in different locations in Japan for 20 years since I was sent by True Parents’ direction in 1998.

Today, as a pastor who is walking the path of the Will of God and True Father with my brothers and sisters, I would like to express with my whole conscience and loyalty the decision I made after a long struggle to find the solution to the current confusion in the Unification Movement. I sincerely pray that my appeal will empower and encourage my fellow pastors, as well as my brothers and sisters, who are offering sincere dedication to the future of our movement so that we can share the same aspiration and commitment together.

I have been struggling a lot while witnessing the reality that the division and confusion of the Unification Movement, which started a few years before True Father’s seonghwa, is increasing year after year. I was often concerned that if this situation persists, then all the great victorious achievements made by True Father would collapse and God’s providence would come to a halt. “How did such a serious division occur in the Unification Movement which has been preaching about the liberation of God’s anguish, bringing harmony and unification for the salvation of mankind, and the way of true love? What exactly is the cause and the background of this division? What is truth and what is false? As a pastor, how should I guide the members in this situation?” I had to ask these questions again and again whenever an incomprehensible incident happened in the Family Federation.

A pastor’s role is to be someone who always properly accepts God’s will by standing on the side of truth, righteousness and goodness, and guides members to the proper way of life when confusion arises.  However, I must admit that I have not been loyal to that responsibility and mission. One day, I began to ask myself the question, “Am I truthful?” I finally arrived at a conclusion that I must not avoid heavy responsibility given by Heaven, and I must stay true to the way of truth, righteousness and goodness. I began to repent before God, True Parents and True Family about myself, who had not been able express what is right and what is wrong. I also must sincerely apologize to brothers and sisters who trusted and followed me.

I sincerely repent from the bottom of my heart and would like to start anew to fulfill the mission of a true pastor.

Here is my determination for the new start:

  • I will obey God’s will and absolute truth which True Father taught us.
  • I will follow my conscience and faith with dignity as a pastor, and choose the way of truth, righteousness and goodness.
  • I will not accept or avoid situations where truth and falsehood are mixed, but figure out the real truth and do my very best to assist the whole group to properly respond to God’s will.
  • I will make my utmost effort to eliminate obstacles in the Unification Movement which block God’s providence.
  • I will fulfill the original responsibility and mission of a pastor and a blessed family member until the day when True Family and the entire Unification Movement can become one centered on God’s will again.


With these determinations, I would like to clarify my opinion and belief regarding the matters which have been at issue today.

The claim of the Only Begotten Daughter with no original sin is destroying the integrity and identity of True Mother.

Every time True Mother spoke about the Only Begotten Daughter, I got into shock and confusion. On July 1, 2014, True Mother claimed that her lineage was already changed from the womb, and that it was True Mother, not True Father, who was born without original sin. She said that True Father gained his qualification as the Only Begotten Son at the moment that he succeeded Jesus’ mission at the age of 16. I learned that True Mother further clarified the meaning of what she had said at a gathering with key church staff and the women elders at the end of December, 2016. According to the participants of that gathering, True Mother said, “True Father had the original sin and it was True Mother who removed it from him.” If that is true, then her claim completely denies the legitimacy and identity of the lineage of True Father who came as the Third Adam, and brings forth a very shocking content that is 180 degrees opposite from True Father’s consistent teachings and fundamental content of the Principle of Creation. I cannot help but argue that True Mother’s claim of the Only Begotten Daughter with no original sin not only destroys the integrity and identity of True Mother, but also destroys the identity of True Parents. This claim of True Mother’s must be withdrawn immediately. Furthermore, I absolutely cannot accept the attempts to deify True Mother based on Christian theology.

Unification Movement can be born anew when it becomes one with Hyun Jin Nim who succeeded the lineage and the authority of True Father as the eldest son of True Family.

I have come to learn about the truth of the events that occurred in the Family Federation before and around 2009 through my conscientious elders, fellow pastors and various media. I have come to understand what Hyun Jin Nim has been doing in order to realize the dream of God and True Father when the Unification Movement became divided and lost hope after True Father’s seonghwa. Whenever I was touched by the victorious achievement of Hyun Jin Nim, I could see the truth in it and shed a lot of tears.

Recently, I have heard truly amazing things from Japanese members who participated in the True God’s Day, the Day of the Victory of Love, and the True Parents’ Birthday Celebration events conducted by Hyun Jin Nim in Korea. Many members who met Hyun Jin Nim said that they felt as if they had met True Father, and felt that every word spoken by Hyun Jin Nim was Principled and true. I heard Hyun Jin Nim said that the only remaining way for blessed families to go is to acknowledge Hyun Jin Nim as the eldest son of the True Family and the inheritor of True Father’s authority, and follow him. I heard that Hyun Jin Nim spoke about True Mother and that her situation would become more and more difficult if she does not change, yet once she returns to her original position as True Father’s wife and True Mother, she will go up higher on the foundation that Hyun Jin Nim is making.

Even though many members believe that Hyun Jin Nim left from God’s providence by going against the will of True Parents, I found that nothing was further from the truth. Japanese members who directly witnessed what Hyun Jin Nim was doing returned to Japan with hope, having seen the eldest son of the True Family offering his utmost jeongseong and investing his whole energy to realize the dream of God and True Father. They said that they finally understood why President Kamiyama stated that Heavenly fortune will be with the Japan Church only when it unites with the elder son, Hyun Jin Nim, who stands on the vertical axial line of the 3 Great Kingships.  The Japanese members who witnessed the burning loyal heart and substantial achievements of Hyun Jin Nim, who is working hard to realize God’s will, have decided to participate in the international events which will happen in the Philippines at the end of February in order to directly experience the worldwide foundation of Hyun Jin Nim’s activities. I am also firmly committed to participating in these events together with our members who share the same determination as me. I will directly see with my own eyes what Hyun Jin Nim is doing and want to convey the truth to my fellow pastors and members.

Dear fellow pastors, and brothers and sisters,

The church should no longer force the blind obedience of the members. They should not force the pastor to only follow the directions and the orders of the organization. They should guide members to attain true freedom, liberation, happiness and peace through their own practice of true love and truth. Also, they should attend True Family, which is the substantial fruit of God’s true love, true life and true lineage, and realize God’s will. In particular, the only way to properly reset the True Family and the Unification Movement from their current situation of division is for them to become one centered on Hyun Jin Nim, who is the eldest son of True Family and the representative of True Father.

I pray that God’s blessing and protection will be with you and your families.

Thank you very much.


February 21, 2017

Byunghun Kwak

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