Brief Biography of Masaue Sakurai

Brief Biography of Masaue Sakurai (masa-oo-eh , sa-koo-ra-ee)

(1) Position and responsibility in the Unification Church

  • Vice Director of Family Education Department at Headquarters
  • (Public Course 19 years)
    • 1998 Vice President of Hee Won church
    • 2000 Director of Education Department at 2nd Generation Division
    • 2005 Director of Education Department at Seonghwa Division
    • 2009 Director of Blessing Education at HQ Family Education Department
    • 2016 Vice Director of HQ Family Education Department
  • Chairman of 2nd Generation Blessing Promotion Committee
    • 2016 Launched the Blessing Promotion Committee to promote successful 2nd Generation Blessing as the main strategy of HQ in the era FFWPU
  • Leader in the field of Blessing Education
    • 2001 Started taking responsibility of overseeing 2nd generation Blessing when Parents Matching began
    • Published Books: “Guide for 2nd Generation Blessing”(2004), “Blessing Guidebook for 2nd Generation”(2011), “Lecture on Marriage”(2011), “Lecture on Blessed Couple”(2013), and “Lecture on Purity”(2015) were designated to all Blessed Families as must-read books.
    • Video utilization: His lectures were recorded on video and received high praise by viewers. Especially “Lectures on the topic of 2nd Generation Blessing”(10 volumes/15-20 minutes each) was highly praised, and were showed during Sunday Services.
    • Assigned to the director role together with Mr. Matsuyama at the International Executive Meeting for Blessing, which started in 2005. Supervised “International Blessing Guideline” under the direction of International HQ.
  • Consultant for Blessed Families and 2nd generation
    • Since 2001, provided consultation for family problems, blessing problems, sexual problems, etc. He was highly trusted by 2nd Generation and their parents.

(2) Family Background and Situations

  • Parents and Brother
    • Parents: 43 couples (12 couples)
    • Father: Setsuo. 5th UC Japan president. High reputation in preaching and consultation.
    • Mother: Setsuko. First DP lecturer in japan. She was the mother of all of education courses for life of faith in Japan.
      • National Messiah for Turkey. A model of Christian in Japanese church.
    • Younger sister: Sachiko. Instructor for classical ballet. (She was the Vice Director at Universal Ballet for a long time)
    • Younger brother: Masami
    • Blessed in 1995, 2nd Generation 300 couples (Japanese-Korean couple)