Realizing God’s Dream

Realizing God's Dream

Realizing God’s Dream Book

This book includes the “Special Letter to True Parents” written on March 23, 2008.

By early 2008, Hyun Jin Nim had been appointed by True Parents to leadership roles in many of the key providential organizations and activities. From this position of being responsible for achieving providential objectives, Hyun Jin Nim was concerned that there were growing discrepancies between Father’s direction and expectations, and what was actually being executed by the leaders. The situation had reached a crisis point, tearing the movement in two opposing directions – one direction to build up the Unification Church; the other to build a universal movement beyond religion. Hyun Jin Nim felt the urgent need to directly address these critical issues with his father. This personally written letter was included with his report to True Father in March 2008. Hyun Jin Nim points out the problems facing the movement, and offers a proposal to his father on how to resolve the situation.

This frank letter reveals Hyun Jin Nim’s clear understanding of Father’s mission, formed through intimate discussions with his father about the most pressing matters of providence. It also displays Hyun Jin Nim’s sincere concern to secure his father’s legacy. Not only did Father approve of the letter, he shared how it had inspired him and asked to have it read at numerous hoon dok hwes. Furthermore, he instructed that all leaders and members be made aware of its contents.

As the original letter included specific references, names of people and organizations, an abridged version is presented in this book.

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