Unlock your God-given Potential

The following are some notes of inspiration taken from a youth leadership workshop for middle and high school blessed children. These are not direct quotes, but rather personal interpretations of an attendee. 

Do you want to be a leader in the greatest way or in a mediocre way or in the lowest way? Greatest? If you want to be the greatest type of leader you have to be motivated and animated by the greatest type of dream, type of vision, type of purpose.

When you went through the adventure program and the military-style training program many of you realized or many of you thought, “I don’t think I can do this” right? But the minute you changed your mindset and believed that you can do it, what happens? Did you all of the sudden change into Superman? Do you grow an “S” in your chest and then a cape and could fly? Physically you are the same, but your internal state completely changes. All of a sudden something you believed could not be done that you never did before suddenly becomes feasible. Once your mindset starts to change, and you believe it can be done, what actually happens? What has been your experience? Most likely, you accomplish the goal do you not?

In other words, the lesson that should be learned here is, the opening of possibilities, opening up potential, really lies within ourselves based upon how we think and how we approach any challenge that come before us in our lives.

That’s why I always educate young people, even my children, about how important it is to have the right attitude. If you have the right attitude and the right perspective, you will start to unlock the potential within yourself that you never realized you actually had.

Where do you think true strength comes from? Where do you think that sense of hope comes from? Where do you think the right type self-value comes front? That’s why I go back to Peace Messages, especially that phrase that Father had given, “There can be no perfection in ignorance”. If you’re in a state of ignorance, in other words you’re not in an enlightened place where you see your true God-given potential, you are going to underestimate yourself. You’re going to set limitations for yourself. Yet when you can truly be enlightened, and realize the potential that each and every one of us has regardless of station in life, regardless of how we were born, how we look etc., every single human being has infinite potential once you have the right perspective, and the right attitude.

Perspective is so important. What the current world explains as being valuable, do you think God values? Do you think money is really that important? Do you think power and station is really that important? God has the full authority and power to have all things. If God wants to own all the assets of the world, He can do it – no problem.

Why is it that God has suffered? Because God wanted humankind, his sons and daughters to be his equal love partner. Yet, in order for them to become his equal love partner, they have to fulfill their 5% portion of responsibility. In other words, they have to co-create the substantial ideal world with God. So although God has expectations, had a vision for what humanity should represent, it is only humankind that can realize that expectation. God cannot do it alone. So when it comes to physical things, when it comes to all things, God has everything. God is omnipotent, all powerful, source of all strengths. But the one thing He cannot bring about, the thing that only human beings can bring about is the substantial realization of God’s will. Because God wanted to give the gift of co-creation to mankind. That is why our 5% portion of responsibility is so important and that is why, especially, if you are to be a leader, remember this is a youth leadership program, you have to become an enlightened being, meaning true sons and daughters that can realize and substantiate His will on Earth.

How can you become an enlightened being if you do not know God? How can you be his son and daughter if you do not know God? Do you think you can find God in a self-centered space or can you find God in a state in which you are willing to completely offer yourself?

That’s why there’s many times where I explained that the doors in which Satan comes to lead you astray is through the doors of arrogance and self-pity. Those are two poles of the same exact state which is a state of being self-absorbed or self-centered. Do you think if you’re in that space, in that state, you can ever find God who is in essence the substantiation of the ideal of true love? In other words, culturally, if there such a wide gulf and a divide between you and God, there’s no way you’ll have the ability to resonate with Heavenly Father. That is why, truly, God centered people naturally reflect that essence, that culture of living for the sake of others in the way they live.

When I talk about spiritual maturity, I’m talking about a state where you’re naturally willing to live for the sake of others throughout your life. Then God will be present in your life because you become the substantial manifestation of true love.

Do you think that is a source of tremendous strength? Absolutely! TREMENDOUS strength.

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