Easter Sunday and Resurrection

For Christians, Easter is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection three days after the crucifixion.

Let us talk about resurrection. The church saw themselves as a bride religion. The church represents the bride waiting for the True Adam to come. Resurrection through Christ was the hope of humanity. The Blessing deals with resurrection on a substantial level. Father came and gave a new revelation in terms of our spiritually tied to creating an ideal family – moving from the individual level to the family level. If you think of history of humanity, it was focused on individual salvation. Taking the theme of resurrection, the Blessing is the way for substantial salvation of humankind.

If you were to explain to Christians why they should receive the Blessing, how would you explain it? How about offering them a deeper understanding of resurrection?

Jesus stood in position of the Only Begotten Son. That means he is a son satan has no claim over. He is a son that does not carry original sin. If you plant an olive tree seed in Seattle what does it become? An olive tree. If you plant an olive seed in Israel what does it become? An olive tree. It’s not the soil that determines identity. It is the seed.

As blessed families, how important is the substantial settlement of True Parents and True Family? Without that, there is no substantial Blessing. That’s why Foundation Day was so important. The substantial settlement of True Parents and True Family leads to your salvation as blessed families.

Through the creation of ideal families, you create foundation for a peaceful ideal world. Do you think it’s important for blessed families to protect the True Family so it can settle well? Blessed families need to fulfill their responsibility so that they can find the true path to salvation.

True Parents have to stand on the worldwide foundation of Cain and Abel unity. UPF as Abel and the UN as Cain. True Parents need to restore the family level failure and the worldwide failure. This is the meaning of Foundation Day.

UPF was not supposed to be just about outreach. Many of our UC members thought like that. Do you think Appa (Father) would do something without a reason? You think Father would do things for the heck of it? Of course there was a reason for UPF. Likewise, many people will think GPF is just for outreach. It is providential work. If my work was not encumbered, I could have transformed nations and the UN would have recognized it. The Abel-type foundation for peace would have naturally been subject over the Cain-type foundation. I am now continuing that providential work through GPF.

Many of you are seeing challenges in Father’s family. It is all tied to 5% responsibility. Do not pass judgement so quickly. The last chapter is not written. A path needs to be opened for 5% to be fulfilled in order for True Parents and True Family to settle. What is that path? Do you think True Family has to restore the failures of Adam’s family? Absolutely yes. True Parents have to be absolutely aligned to Heavenly Father, and create a 4PF centered on Him.

Even God submits himself to His principles. So if one is to become like God, he/she needs to live a life abiding by principle. God lives for others.  He doesn’t live for His sake but for the sake of His creation.

I continuously seek to protected my family even when they throw personal attacks at me.

Vertical relationships are the most important relationship. It establishes your identity – who you are, and gives you value. That’s why the Asian culture, being more philosophical, values the vertical relationship more than horizontal relationship because it really ties to identity – the core of who you are. It gives you life, wisdom, knowledge, ownership… Without vertical relationships you do not have any of that. Even though on a personal level, I do not condone Mother’s theology of the Only Begotten Daughter, we do kyungbae in front of True Parents picture because Mother will always be my mother. Not only do I respect her, I love her. There is hope for redemption and change from the current path. Vertical relationships are absolute, unchanging and eternal in nature. That’s why you value it and respect it. Do you understand?

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